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Android Nougat for the Huawei Nova begins its phase beta

We are experiencing intense weeks in relation to the updates to Android Nougat from different manufacturers with their latest mobile. One of them is the Huawei Nova, that now sees how the update to Android Nougat already is a reality, although in time in the beta. We will know the details of this update already terminal users, are eagerly and hopefully Android Nougat for Huawei Nova should reach early next year. Last September Huawei threw overhand the new Huawei Nova, a few terminals that as expected not arrived with the newly released Android 7 Nougat, something which is now much closer to the start of the beta for these terminals based on this version.

Android beta Nougat for Huawei Nova

As already is traditional in many manufacturers, them programs beta are the mechanism that these have to check the good operation of a new version of the system operating before is lance of way definitive. Those who signed up to beta Android Nougat for Huawei Nova are now receiving an update finally offered this version of the system for the terminal of the Chinese firm. This firmware is the B321 version, and it is being sent to the lucky 500 who are enjoying this program.

Android Nougat para el Huawei Nova

This update is available only for the Huawei Nova B153, so at the moment no other variant will have this software. He firmware B321 has arrived first to the Huawei G9 Plus the last 27 of December, by what gradually is coming to them different terminals of the signature. Also yesterday, Huawei has launched B352 firmware for Huawei P9 Plus based also on Android 7.0 Nougat. In this way the Huawei Nova users can go rubbing the hands, because no shortage of many weeks so this beta program complete and reaches the final version to all terminals, most likely comes after the holidays, as much during the month of January.

Huawei Nova negro, plata, oro y blanco

Huawei is working hard to offer the update to many more terminals best, as announced some months. Certainly the propitious time to go doing this update site and doing a backup for what can happen. You will have all the details of this update when receive your version end of form official.

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