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Mobile Star Wars Rogue One officers arrive on December 2

They can be considered Star Wars Rogue One mobile officers , since they are not associated with any brand and special editions of some current. The only problem is that it will be very difficult (or impossible) do with them in Europe.

And is that the release of these mobile official of Star Wars Rogue One runs from the hand of Softbank, an operator Japanese that them will put to the sale the 2 of December. They will instantly become an object of desire for the Galactic saga fans who already can book your tickets for the premiere on December 16.

Mobile officials with model Star Wars to Jedi and Sith

Actually, after the manufacturing of these two models, with version for those followers of the side bright of the force and of the reverse dark (Light Side and Dark Side Edition), is Sharp. That feature is why IGZO 5.3-inch screens that offer a resolution Full HD (1080 p).

moviles oficiales star wars

Technically are equal, differentiated only by their color (that you encourage to enter in the web of Softbank because have an image interactive of them two in 360 ° and the effect of the edition of the side dark is brutal) and personalization, making them respectively in a transcript of the cabin of the X Wing rebel or of the Tie Fighter of the Empire. Similarly, applications such as alarm, the emoji or tones have been customized with motives of the films created by George Lucas.

moviles oficiales star warsmoviles oficiales star wars

Star Wars free wallpaper

Indeed, in this page can download you them funds of screen that have created to commemorate the saga of the war of them galaxies and there are some spectacular.

fondos de pantalla star wars

Are equipped with a powerful Snapdragon 820, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of memory internal expandable with cards microSD. On the other hand, your camera offers a 22.6 megapixelsensor… both ahead and behind (a madness for the selfies) and a battery of 3,000 mAh and Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

moviles oficiales star wars

As is can appreciate, really speak of terminals very complete for be a mere product of “promotion” that include also a viewer special of films of Star Wars with the last of them deliveries of the saga, the wake of it force, included besides some that another coupon for make is with more merchandising of it saga now in hands of Disney.

How to comment, is a release in Japan and with a price of 97,000 yen, making a price of 809 euros. We don’t know if any that the rescue other operator or supplier that we caught more closely since they are an exclusive that, probably, already again crazy Jedi and Sith followers worldwide.

What the force be with you!

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