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LineageOS, the alternative to CyanogenMod, starts with the creation of ROM custom

As soon as we met the news of the “blackout” of servers that were all CyanogenMod ROM and your entire infrastructure used for their development, are good news. If a few days ago a team of developers of the platform announced that LineageOS would be placed as the continuation of the popular ROM, we know today that machinery has already cast with the startup of the server with Gerrit.

The sudden and recent events surrounding the relationship of Steve Kondik with Cyanogen Inc ended up affecting the project of CyanogenMod. So that the project would stop ipso facto at the end is the last week. An announcement on somewhat given the popularity of the CyanogenMod ROM in the Scene Android and the intense activity in its evolution and development. However, them firmwares based in the code AOSP that until it week last knew as CyanogenMod will continue to being present among us, although under the denomination LineageOS.

The project of LineageOS check out walking

Thus it promised a group of developers that formed part of the team of CyanogenMod and thus has been. Today, Tuesday, the first tasks are underway to organize the new project. Spotlight has been putting up server that Gerrit is already running. In fact, at this time those predisposed to collaborate now can contribute ideas and their work, as well as the possibility to check the first commits around LineageOS.

Gerrit is online! Accounts migrated over (SSH keys did not). New CLA. Drafts are gone. Data as of 11:59 AM MST(utc-6) https://t.co/rcPbC19mcy

-Lineage Android (@LineageAndroid) December 27, 2016

The first steps for the continuation of the CyanogenMod ROM

What does it mean really? As for those that used to install them ROM CyanogenMod, wants to tell that them people that have taken the initiative on LineageOS, the continuation of the popular ROM AOSP, already have taken party of the project with them tasks more basic. Them which, little by little, to promote the compilation of the kernel and source code that gives shape to the new ROM custom LineageOS.

Without a doubt, it’s big news. The speed with which the community and influential people have acted denotes that CyanogenMod does not die, but that just is transformed according to the circumstances that have surrounded this custom firmware. Now remains to be seen what nimbly manage to compile the first operational ROM. The rest is a matter of time and means that will be coming from the hand of who at the time already boosted the movement around Cyanogen.

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