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The Huawei Y5 II low of price at Amazon

Huawei Y5 II has become one of the star within the lowest range. In fact, is one of those phones more recurrent through the operators. However, if you do not want ties to the teleco, Amazon provides model and at a price that exceeds almost the 100 euros.

Looking for an economical smartphone that offers the basics without major problems? Just as happened with the Moto G years back, in 2016 the Huawei Y5 II has had a great reception. It’s a smartphone input range with a price that makes it the ideal model for those users without great pretensions, who just want a phone for most common tasks such as telephone calls, using WhatsApp and control social networks.

A choice as gifts of Kings

January 5, the day of Kings, is approaching and with it a flood of gifts. Few those who, by circumstances, are not or simply because you leave everything to the last minute, are with the rope around the neck. What buy as a gift, and above that is express? Amazon may be our salvation in these cases since thanks to their Premium service we have shipments in just 24 hours.Huawei Y5 II en color negro, verde, rosa y oro

Here is where those smartphones come in game since it platform of trade electronic has of a broad catalogue to send in the same day. In fact, if you live in a large city like Madrid can receive package in less than 24 hours. We already know the offers available for premium and mid-range models. However, what there is of those smartphones more economic and aided, ideal for who does not seek large claims?Precio del Huawei Y5 II en Amazon

Huawei Y5 II, available at Amazon for 109 euros

If we rebuscamos at Amazon we can find such popular models as the Huawei Y5 II. In black color, is available on Amazon under its Premium service at a price of 109 euros. A cost that has been reduced in the last few days regarding the price which had earlier this month. In addition, if turned to the service premium, not count with costs of shipping.

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EUR 109,00 EUR

and what offers Huawei Y5 II? As already have indicated, it is of a model of range of input. Even so, sheet features include a five-inch HD screen, eight megapixel camera, processor MediaTek’s quad-core, 1 GB of RAM, a 2200 mAh battery, and Android Lollipop series. You can find all the details on your datasheet.

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