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How to pass data from your PC to a tablet Windows 10, the four best options

Them smartphones and tablets have irrumpido with force in our lives, doing, in many cases, that the information that before was only and exclusively hosted in them computers now even pass by them and is hold in the memory of them terminals mobile. If we want to pass us completely into the mobile format there are different formulas to move all data that we had in the PC we will discuss them below.

There is a good part of the configuration of the computer that is to transmit from one device to another simply to the identify with our Outlook account / Hotmail, further adjustments will have to do them manually, but everything that has to do with files, files, videos, photos, documents, etc., need some sort of special treatment. We propose 4 methods for pass data with safety of a support to another.

OneDrive (or Google Drive)

The first of them, since we are using Windows, is OneDrive. For free, you only have 5 GB , but there are plans that can hire simply for the time that we need to use extra storage space. For example 50 GB cost just €2 and they can be under subscription for a month. On the other hand, Google Drive is cheaper but their integration into Microsoft’s system is more precarious. If even so we chose us this option we have Free 15 GB and 100 GB for only 2 euros a month; in other words, double that with the native platform.

OneDrive tablet potati

External hard drive

An external hard disk is another great choice. It is one of those accessories that do not go out of fashion even more and have more and more capacity. In addition, this storage system will allow us to have a backup of all our content without subscription, or pay a specific fee as in the previous section. A 1 TB external hard drive costs approximately € 50, while 2 TB cost around 80 euros. Here it depends on your needs and the amount and weight of data you have to spend.

Disco duro externo portatil

USB 3.0 cable

A single cable is another good option to share data between a computer and a tablet with Windows 10. The only problem is that you must acquire one with two connections male. Looking on Amazon I have seen that they are reasonably cheap and we have alternatives for not more than 8 euros. Simply connect each end each devices, and explore folders to copy and paste those that you want to transfer.

USB macho macho

PC move

The fourth option is called PC move. It is a program that is going to transfer not only files, but also settings, contacts, data, applications etc. It is presented perhaps the most sophisticated and efficient option but it is a payment program. It has technical assistance 24 hours and such time by its multiple options is an alternative winner when the material which we are moving is particularly important and delicate.

PCMover app


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