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Questions and answers about our Tablet processors

A few days ago I showed a number of issues which could be helpful for novice users of tablets. Today, repeat with a group of questions that will be addressed to remove all possible doubts in the field of processors. Although they are increasingly smaller components as regards their dimensions that in many cases, hard to locate and identify within the skeleton of the devices, the truth is that those elements are crucial to ensure a correct operation of the terminals are of the same brain. While in many cases, the public has in consideration fields as image characteristics or dimensions when acquiring a new support, the performance must also be observed calmly.

In the following lines, will try to check how the processor not is an object independent, but in its inside also houses tens of components more, with functions well defined and of which know more with another target additional: help you to create another criterion if are thinking in buy tablets in the short term, since in this field, also have seen a diversification and advances that just giving as result a time more , a wide range of media that cater to groups opposed.

procesadores 64 bits

1. What is a SoC?

When we are in any establishment or web tablets are marketed which, in the performance section we tend to see the word “SoC” in the datasheet. This symbol means “system on a chip” and refers to this family of processors that has been unified all components under one only such as modules that make suitable terminals for a type of Internet connections or others, the memories RAM or image processing units. Present at first only in higher devices, SoC is already widespread.

2.32 and 64-what is that?

These two terms refer to the architecture of processors. We simplify a bit more. Imagine that these components are a few large squares. They are divided in a group of cells exactly equal in size that are called “records“. If these records are 64-bit, meaning that each of them can store 64 zeros and ones that seem rather pointless, is key, since those two numbers, translated into binary code, contain a wealth of information and knowledge to perform the various tasks and orders of the terminals. A processor with this type of architecture will be more powerful than one of 32, since broadly speaking, you will get faster as a result of a larger capacity of finish all processes.


3. power or balance?

In tablets found on sale today, each element has a decisive influence on the final price of the same. It is true that we can find a wide range of devices that conform to suit almost all budgets and public but if you wish to refine your search more, is what terminal us for more? If the devices will be used for leisure, nothing happens if we seek terminals whose frequencies oscillate between the 1.4 and 1.7 Ghz, since, despite sacrificing some processes in terms of image or execution of very heavy games, they are cheaper.

4 What other sections depend on the processor?

As we mentioned at the beginning, currently single-chip systems have consolidated. This has as result that not only the speed of resolution of tasks through this component, but also other aspects which, until then, were separately as the speed of the graphics processing, essential for a correct execution of the games, or also, the processing of the image. This last parameter deserves the attention of those seeking good visual properties, since if a terminal has good cameras but a processor set, the quality of the photos and videos, it can be reduced, as well as a longer time for correct reproduction or the emergence of compatibility.

Windows 10 xbox tablet

5. what problems may appear?

While components of devices are improving at first glance, the truth is that consumer electronics all is defined by a fast forward speed that in some cases, can leave out some important drawbacks. In the case of processors, overheating is the most common failure. To solve it, the best solution is to simply turn off the terminals. Other errors with more incidence is a performance below expectations. This can have several causes: either the component ageing , or completing tasks like the undercloking, or its opposite, the overclocking. A RAM filled almost completely, is another of the most common failures.

As you have seen in this series of questions and answers, the elements that are found in the interior of the tablets can hide many more nuances and functions which could be assumed at first. You have available more information as for example, a list of tips and guidelines to keep in mind that will help you to check if a terminal is balanced or not.

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