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Features of the Nokia Heat, the more economical of the Nokia with Android?

Slowly going by putting name and specifications to the next Nokia with Android. One of those models that would swell the renewed Nokia catalogue well could be the model that position as the most affordable with a price no higher than the $ 150, about 140 euros to change. At least so is elucidate after the filtration of which seem to them features of the Nokia Heat.

The Nokia 6 was introduced as the first smartphone of the firm with Android operating system. However, the New Era of what in the 90s it was the most successful manufacturers of mobile phones through submitted a total of seven devices for this current year. To the aforementioned Nokia 6 expected a high range that has already been associated with name commercial Nokia 8 and also known as internal Nokia P1 that will include inside the powerful processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. However, Global HMD, company that is behind the Assembly of the new Nokia with the Green robot logo, does not seem willing to lose sight of the range of access, that having a good sales pull in strategic markets and with tremendous growth.

Features of Nokia Heat

As it happened a few weeks ago with 6 Nokia and Nokia 8, GFXBench returns to position itself as the focus of information highlights of the new Nokia with Android. And is that the platform that integrates a test of performance has left see, a time more, information about a new smartphone from Nokia, one of those that will configure the catalog of the Finnish for this year 2017.Características del Nokia Heat

If we let ourselves go by data recorded by GFXBench, the features of the Nokia Heat –the so-called internal device name – would have on your datasheet with specifications such as a display of 5.2 inches and HD resolution with 1280 x 720 pixels. At the same time, inside would have eight-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 accompanied by 2 GB of RAM. Of the same mode, the system of storage would be with 9 GB, which interpret that is would correspond with the space free for the user of the total of a chip’s memory of, at least, 16 GB. Finally, the information that reflects the filtration leaves see a camera main with sensor of 12 megapixel and recording of video to 1080 p.

Possibly, the Nokia with Android more economic

However, regardless of the denomination and the features of the Nokia Heat, the most prominent and interesting part of associated speculations. Following the emergence of the so-called terminal sheet said that the model would place is as the more economical signature, below even of the 6 Nokia, which has erupted with force in the Chinese market at a price of $245, around 230 euros to change.

In the case of the Nokia Heat, the team was placed as the most accessible model of the firm at a cost that could be placed in the orbit of 150 dollars, about 140 euros.

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