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Zombie Squad: Gathered together in a same title role, humor and strategy

With the arrival of Halloween, it industry audiovisual and it of video games is flood of tens of movies, series and titles that used them elements more characteristic of this festivity for get the greater success among the public. Fear sells and a proof of this are franchises like The Walking Dead or Resident Evil. However, and as that happens in the devices, nothing is eternal and between the games we can find, we also see as the existing limits until recently, are also deleted.

To face competition not to increase and to meet the demands of a mass consisting of millions of users that has already seen it all, developers rush to create new formulas that do not purport to create a revolution but who however, aspire to give a breath of fresh air to a few formats that sometimes , are on the edge of the saturation. One of these examples is Zombie Squad, which you now have more.


Without notice, is a machine that is dedicated to sowing chaos and destruction all over the world. Our mission will be to create a squad made up of the most varied creatures and travel the world looking for this appliance and defeating the enemies that appear along the way to try to prevent that we destroy it. It may seem simple, however, among the characters that will be the team we will find from pampering, until zombies and watchful of malls in a fun atmosphere.

zombie squad interfaz


The possibility of choosing between a wide variety of characters and to modify the highlights of them through items, weapons, and abilities. Instead, highlights in this aspect comes from the social networking and interaction with other players, since we can compete against users from around the world in tournaments that developers organize frequently and at the same time, publishing the results in most commonly used platforms.


Zombie Squad do not have no cost initial. Released makes some days, of time only has gotten reach the 50,000 downloads. Barriers to this title to do front to achieve a greater welcome, we are fundamentally a integrated shopping which can reach 110 euros per element.

WP-Appbox: Zombie Squad: A RPG fatal! (Free+, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Zombie Squad: A Strategy RPG of the Dead (free, App Store) →

You think that Zombie Squad is a turn interesting and fun to the gender of dead living? You have available more information about other games that revolve around the zombie theme so you can get to know more options at your disposal.

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