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Trains your brain’s way fun with Left vs. Right

When we think of intelligence games, many can reach the conclusion that are boring titles that don’t have much to offer to other genres, well known as the role, in areas such as graphic design or ambience, strategy and even sports. However, this not is an inconvenient for some developers is dare with titles in which is possible, to first view, train the mind to the same time that spent a good while.

Today we will speak of Left vs Right, updated a few weeks ago and which, however, will face several challenges that may hinder a greater acceptance in the future. Think that is possible improve our capacity of memory and attention through some games and some stands that have been very criticized by produce in appearance, the effect opposite?


Left and Right contains a series of approximately 30 exercises and games aimed to develop different skills like logic or memory. Grouped in several categories, along them different challenges, can go overcoming different levels with an only objective: take the less time possible while got them scores more high. One of its points strong is the made of that allows dispute split with others users and, as tends to be usual, share those results.

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As we remind you at the beginning, Left vs. Right can count on several elements that lastrarían a more welcome. He more prominent is the fact of that has of two modes of game. One free and other VIP which differ in the number of available exercises. In the first, about half of all will be within our reach. With the display of advertising content periodically, some can be unlocked by more without cost according to its developers.


This title has no initial charge . Taking in has what you have in the paragraph of gameplay, can see that the shopping integrated that requires, that in this case would be for the version more complete, has a cost weekly of ones 1.80 euros approximately. Another of the points more criticized is the made of that of time, only is available in English while in lines General, is has valued positively the catalog of games different… Perhaps these factors have given as a result that has a 500,000 downloads approximately.

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Do you think that it is also possible to find alternatives more affordable and varied in this genre? You have available more information on other similar as Infinity Loop so you can say to yourselves.

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