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Test and view of the Sony Xperia XZ

Is a terminal is a good bet by the Japanese company that offers some options that result from the most interesting and do you highlight. An example is the compatibility with the standard IP68, something that gives continuity to what at the time was started with the Xperia Z which, remember, was the first high-end device to integrate this protection. This is the opinion of the Sony Xperia XZ that have retrieved.

Obviously this is the model that, at least for the remainder of the year, the manufacturer has intended to compete in the high end. And so the majority of its components, indicate it since this model includes a processor Snapdragon 820 with its corresponding Adreno 530 and, in addition, the RAM is 3 GB. This last detail makes it to be something suspicious, since there are several devices that offer four, something that may be or not confirm the test and view full of Sony Xperia XZ.

With a quality finish and fully recognizable, the phone comes with a screen of 5.2 inch , some measures that are quite appropriate as not is passes of large but nor is are small. Here, the Japanese company remains impassive in delivering a Full HD resolution… and this can be seen in some sections, such as autonomy or pixel density.

Trasera Sony Xperia XZ

Test and view of the Sony Xperia XZ to fund

This model, as it is usual in the most powerful on the market from the Japanese company, offers a high-resolution camera when least striking – nothing less than 23 megapixels – and all this accompanied by interesting options as for example connectivity USB type C , fast recharge battery and sound quality really noteworthy. So the opinion of Sony Xperia XZ, in principle, is not nothing bad, but this you can check it at the following link:

If you want to see the test complete and the Sony Xperia XZ view click here.

The test article and the Sony Xperia XZ view was published in MovilZona.

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