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So the iPhone 7 resists a drop of more than 4 meters if a scratch

In this world of screens large and mobile with delicate housings metal, what we usually worry about more is that is us fall to the floor. And more if is one of them always expensive iPhone 7 that, by luck as we have in Urban techno, already not has that commit both your design to protect is.

And is displayed in the video you published above YouTube channel partners how work covers Rhinoshield, covers with format “bumper” i.e., those who only put around the phone, plugging their design as little as possible, but protecting it from possible hits can be given.

Add, that Yes, 2.5 mm phone total thickness, which makes them quite thinner than it might seem and, as we say, without fail to see the design touches of the housing and the display of the mobile which, as you know already, same is resistant to water and dust. With 12 grams, not notice just change in the weight total of the iPhone 7 with it implementation.

As we can see in the video, from Urban techno after tell us the qualities of the covers, not cut a hair and endanger your own iPhone 7 to check if what they promise in Rhinoshield is true. Phone outages occur in different types of soil (wood, gres, terrazzo) as well as at different heights as they could be when we are standing and have it in your hands, when given to the ground from his pocket, etc.

Final test the resistance of the iPhone with this case 7: fall from a first floor

Not without certain grace they pass those tests with the iPhone 7 but the scariest test is coming, and that has made us look at this particular test video. And is that from Urban Tech is dare to upload to a first floor and launch the mobile above the handrail-between the drafting of MovilZona already you say that not there are many volunteers for do the test with its mobile-.

caída de iphone 7

Obviously not is infallible and if there is some object in the soil that excels, assume that there it Rhinoshield not may make much since protects until certain point with the frame that adds to the screen or the housing not touch the soil.

But it seems that the Rinoshield endures, what we have already in the point of view to this brand for their following releases by the ability that at the end of the video we see for iPhone 7 total protection without that therefore we have to use a shell that covers completely all the equipment.

The article thus resists a drop of more than 4 meters 7 iPhone if a scratch was published in MovilZona.

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