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It avoids the memory of Android is filled with this basic maintenance

One of the biggest problems of Android devices is their memory storage. Unless you have a high-end device, or any particular model of mid-range, most of them come with 4 GB or, in the best of cases, with 8 GB. To this space must subtract you of base 2 GB of the memory of Android that are reserved for the system and its applications base, what us leaves a space very reduced, even insufficient, for to use comfortably the device.

Some applications if alone already can deal with more than 200 MB, as, for example, Facebook. And others, like WhatsApp, accumulating photos, videos and other files that, if not remove them, will end in a few weeks to fill our memory storage. In addition, there are games, as Hearthstone, that already consume more than 2 GB of memory, more all the files temporary that generates (that not are few).

By this, if not carry a control of the space of storage of our device, is very likely that in little time us remain without space, something quite harmful to the performance of the system operating and for us same as even is possible that are recording a video or taking a photo and the storage full us make lose said file.

To prevent this from happening we, then, we leave a simple manual in which we explain how we can have always controlled Android memory, knowing what you most and which consumes fewer resources and, above all, how free space in memory of Android removing both what more occupies as what you don’t need.

Why not can I install applications but I have free space on the memory of Android?

Android devices, especially older separated into partitions of storage space. Therefore, if we had, for example, 8 GB of storage, 2 of them were reserved for Android, other 2 GB for applications and the remaining 4 for the user’s own data.

Therefore, if we have 3 GB of free space on the data partition, but the application partition we have full, will receive a lack of space error when there is no space in this area.

To fix this, just go to the properties of the applications and move to internal or SD memory, if you have, data of the applications that allow it. Of this way will release space in the partition of applications and can install more, although remember that or all the applications leave install is in the memory external or to the move them move the 100% of them data of this.

Have you ever had storage problems?

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