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Huawei G9 Plus vs Moto G4 Plus: comparative

Taking in has how has evolved the market in them last times, is makes already almost a little rare bring a comparative in which face two phablets of range media that is sold both directly in our country and in which still the competition in terms of relationship quality / price is to the maximum level. Huawei and Motorola, however, are no doubt them two brands of reference for who want to avoid the import but still want to save both as is possible. What of them two us makes a better offer on this occasion? We review the technical specifications of the G9 Plus and the Moto G4 Plus.


Although with them two are going to have of reader of footprints digital for asgurarnos of protect optimally our privacy, in the paragraph of design is points a first both the G9 Plus simply by the use of materials premium, since while in the Moto G4 Plus still predominating the plastic, it arrives with housing metal.


With regard to the dimensions, there is that noted that the G9 Plus is something more compact (15.18 x 7.57 cm front 15.3 x 7.66 cm) while the Moto G4 Plus is something more light (160 grams facing 155 grams). The big difference, however, found it by comparing the thickness of both, with a clear advantage for the Huawei (7.3 mm compared with 9.8 mm) phablet.



The thing is equals (as it is usual, on the other hand, phablets in this price range) to the screen section: in both cases have one of 5.5 inch with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and, therefore, with the same density of pixels (401 PPI). The two used, Furthermore, panels LCD.


He G9 Plus returns to take the front in the paragraph of performance: while them two mounted processors Qualcomm of range half, the yours expires in power (Snapdragon 625 of eight nuclei and 2.0 GHz of frequency maximum facing Snapdragon 617 of eight nuclei and 1.5 GHz of frequency maximum) and le accompanies, also, a greater memory RAM (3 GB front 2 GB). It must be said that the Moto G4 Plus is available also with 3 GB or even 4 GB, but they are already top models.

Storage capacity

Again, if we limit ourselves to the standard model, the winner is again the Huawei phablet in the section on storage capacity, since it offers us double the internal memory (32 GB versus 16 GB). The two have, in any case, micro-SDcard slot, which helps to mitigate the differences.

Motorola Moto G4 Plus


He Moto G4 Plus is about enough to the G9 Plus in the paragraph of camera, but this continues taking some points to your please: for example, the camera main is of 16 MP in both cases, but the of the phablet of Huawei has also with stabilizer optical of image. It also helps to make the win having more megapixels in the front camera (8MP facing 5 MP).


Also in the section on autonomy is emerging as a winner the G9 Plus (even though you can say anything definitive until we don’t see the result of the real evidence of use), because, surprisingly, despite being significantly more fine your battery is larger than Moto G4 Plus (3340 mAh to 3000 mAh) and not any factor there in their specs that stand to think that their consumption can be much higher.


As have could check, the G9 Plus goes a step by front in specifications technical in virtually all them paragraphs, but there are that say that also is something more expensive, while is certain that not much more: the phablet of Huawei is sold by 320 euros and the of Motorola by 270 euros. It is because each decide whether deserve you the benefit of the first or not worth paying 50 euro more than it would cost to do with it.

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