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How to navigate on the internet without unlocking the iPhone

iOS is not precisely characterized by a friend operating system modifications and extreme customizations. But always there is a community very active behind the system operating of them of Cupertino that us allow add multitude of options extra to the features of the iPhone. One of the more interesting we have known is the possibility to add a web browser to the iPhonelock screen, a feature that now as you can see is implemented in a very natural way in the operating system.

There are many settings that can improve the performance of iOS and especially adapted to our tastes, like this tutorial in which we can avoid receiving notifications while playing, something that as you know is very annoying when we are in a particularly interesting stage of the game.

Add a web browser to the iPhone lock screen

Can seem rather banal, but is a function that is integrated perfectly in the iPhone. As it is logical for this function we need to jailbreak the iPhone, something for what is to come I very well this tutorial.

Once we have done the jailbreak you can access Cydia, from where we will be able to download the tweak that we speak today. It’s LockBrowser, and as its name indicates it is a web browser for the lock screen. But more beyond that other browsers of this type that have seen for iOS, LockBrowser us allows navigate in the web even without need of having unlocked before the iPhone.

iphone lockbrowser

This is something that may well come when we have to give someone the iPhone and we don’t want that you can navigate freely by telephone. To enter in the browser only we have to turn the iPhone to enter the lock screen and make the gesture to slide from right to left, this way will appear directly the browser, which works in the same way that they can do so Safari or Chrome.

This tweak from Cydia is compatible with versions as iOS 7, 8 and 9, at the moment is not with iOs 10, first because today it is impossible to do the jailbreak on the latest Apple System.

This tweak cost 0.99 euros and it is compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad. Since then is is of a tweak very useful and mostly is is well integrated within the system operating, as can see in the video attached, that us shows in action to this tweak.

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