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First images of live X 9 and X 9 Plus that reveal your design

The last month of June live launched its two last terminals of range average, them live X 7 and X 7 Plus. Both terminals showed a design as similar to the 6s iPhone, something that is quite common within the range of the Chinese firm, always inspired by the designs of the Cupertino. And it seems that it will remain the tonic dominant company design studies, if we stick to the first images of live X 9 and X 9 Plus that have been leaked and that revealed the design of the both terminals, with a resemblance to the new iPhone 7 deep.

The Live X 7 and X 7 Plus we saw had a design very, very similar to the previous vessel of Cupertino isnignia, and had a processor Snapdragon 652, a processor similar to that released the new live X 9 which we have seen in these images.

Images of the live X 9 and X 9 Plus

The design of the live X 9 has been leaked in new images, revealing that once more the Chinese firm will offer a terminal clearly inspired by the designs of the Cupertino. Indeed these two images filtered us show a design very similar to the of the iPhone 7 standard, only there is that see the position of the antennas, this time in them ends lower and upper of the terminal, and not arranged of form cross, as saw in them X 7 and that had an inspiration clear in them previous iPhone 6s.

Vivo X9 dorado

The position of the camera not has changed with regard to the of the live X 7. By assumed that may be coincidence, but not leaves of call the attention the evolution of the design of a model to another. These new live X 9 and X 9 Plus expected similar characteristics to those shown by the live X 7, but this time with the new processor Snapdragon 653, instead of the 652 seen in its predecessors.

Vivo X9 dorado

Other interesting features would be a RAM of 4 GB and 6 GB with 64 GB of storage. And in the ever important photographic section could have a Sony Exmor IMX 260 sensor with the same technology used in Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge Dual Pixel. Front all indications are that it will again use a great 16-Megapixel resolution sensor. The live X 9 and X 9 Plus will be presented on November 17, so we have little more than two weeks to meet them officially.

The article first images of live X 9 and X 9 Plus that reveal their design was published in MovilZona.

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