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Enjoy iOS 10 in Android with these applications

The new system operating of Apple has arrived officially to their devices after the presentation of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. And as usual, although it seems some rare, there are many users who do not dislike the idea of enjoying this operating system on your mobile Android and there is a possibility of doing so without changing the ROM of your phone or with complicated processes. So let’s review some applications that allow us to enjoy IOS 10 in Android.

To give a touch iOS 10 to our Mobile Android can install several applications, that while they are not going to give to our phone system functions, it will offer the possibility of enjoying an appearance more similar to the system of the Cupertino.

iOS 10 Launcher

This launcher you can imagine what us offers, a form quick and simple of to give you a look as the of iOS 10 to our phone Android. This launcher serves for any Android mobile, and is enjoying resolutions up to 2 k or QHD, so the terminals with a higher resolution screen can enjoy an aspect of iOS 10 with total quality.

iOS 10 en Android

WP-Appbox: Launcher for IOS 10 (free, Google Play) →

iOS 10 Control Center

If what you want is just a part of iOS 10, this iOS 10 Control Center allows you to enjoy iOS 10 in Android to convert the terminal control center in the same which has now launched the 7 iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus. With this panel of control can modify the same parameters from the panel of control of Android traditional, but with flavor to Cupertino.

iOS 10 en Android

WP-Appbox: 10 IOS Control Center (free, Google Play) →

iLocker 10

Also our Android phone lock screen may look like that of an iPhone with the latest iOS 10. Thanks to this application we can enjoy a virtually modeled lock screen to the operating system of Apple. In addition this screen of lock is 100% compatible with the latest version Android 7 Nougat.

iOS 10 en Android

WP-Appbox: iLocker10: IOS 10 Lock Screen (free+, Google Play) →


The bar of notifications also is susceptible of to adopt an appearance very similar to the of iOS 10. With iNoty are going to be able to enjoy of a bar of notifications inspired in the new system operating of them of Cupertino, offering the same information that in Android, but with appearance 100% of ioS 10.

iOS 10 en Android

Nothing, doesn’t lack integrated controls from music, battery level, your mobile phone operator and a long list of information to be adopted by a nice appearance. Another application that allows us to enjoy iOS 10 in Android.

WP-Appbox: iNoty OS 10 PRO (free, Google Play) →

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