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Apple could complicate the Jailbreak for iOS 10

Fans bite Apple and regulars of the Jailbreak in turn could see frustrated his plans. And is that Apple could be focusing is in cover any vulnerability of its platform of software to prevent the Jailbreak in iOS 10. Measures focused on security and without intent to turn a blind eye to errors that it realizes the access to the core of the system.

While the movement on the Jailbreak has gone losing followers as Apple perfected and evolved iOS, it true is that to day of today still a good number of users used tools not allowed in the App Store and that offer functionality, tools and customizations much more aggressive that any other app official. For this front, the coming months may prove especially hard.

The Jailbreak for iOS 10, in standby

During the last years we have seen how each version of iOS has shown different resistances to modify kernel of the system. Some versions were “butter” and others, on the contrary, were months and months unscathed to the tools and methods used by the hacker and cracker community. With IOS, it seems that we have encountered with a Jailbreak-resistant version since today the leading developers in this field have not been delivered and released tool that manages to violate IOS 10. At least the known Pango or TaiG. In this regard, a young Italian developer called Luca Todesco has indicated on several occasions that there is method to the Jailbreak of IOS, however, never been released to the public a public version of its software.Jailbreak en iOS

Is iOS 10 the final version to Jailbreak?

Many people think that the two teams of development of the main tools to achieve the Jailbreak of iOS 10 are kept waiting to launch the method at the right time, to avoid Apple to plug the security holes that use to take control of the operating system. However, the reality is that, despite having shown some progress, the truth is that today it is unknown the date for the publication of a tool capable of achieving the Jailbreak on iOS 10.

7.0 Android Nougat and root

However, while it is true that there has been practically novelties in this regard for a long time, must not forget that it makes just two months left to light information that pointed to the inability to root the latest version of the platform of Google, Android 7.0 Nougat. In this regard, shortly after confirmed by Discover method, although by now the Nexus team. Happen the same with Apple?

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