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Cube iWork8 Air Pro: a new low-cost dual boot for 120 euros

The my Pad 3 arrive (at least for now) without Windows version disappointed many, but you know that either need to search too to find interesting alternatives between the Chinese import tablets, and including models of dual booting, as the latter which just add to the list: we give Article …

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The Teclast X 3 Plus can already be purchased for EUR 285

A few weeks ago I had that Teclast had launched a new hybrid tablet, the 3 X Plus, an option to consider for those who are looking for more affordable alternatives to popular Windows Professional tablets, whose prices are beyond the budget of many. Fortunately, not have taken too long …

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Teclast X 3 Plus: a new alternative low-cost Surface Pro 4

One of the clearer signals of the good health of the market of Chinese tablets is undoubtedly the prolific which are these manufacturers, and gives a good example of this Teclast, one of the most popular, which it seems that every few weeks has ready a new model. The last …

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The Surface Pro 4, again up to 200 Euro discount

We do not know if it is due to that the debut of the Surface Pro 5 may be approaching or that competition is getting tougher, but what is certain is that rebates for Surface Pro 4 do not cease to occur. They are what are the reasons behind it, …

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HP pro x 2 612 G2: a hybrid Windows designed to last longer

Despite the fact that their devices have never come to achieve the popularity of the Microsoft, if there is a manufacturer that has always been committed to Windows tablets is HP, so it may not catch us much that has been precisely a new hybrid that have decided to show …

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Alcatel Plus 12: a new Windows 10 tablet with 4G on the keyboard

Certainly it is not the most powerful tablet of few we’ve seen in recent times, however, we have been insisting since TabletZona, hybrids with 10 mid-range Windows are elementary for expansion of the platform in the touch format. This Alcatel Plus 12 meets this requirement. It is a modest terminal …

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