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This impressive 4K video is recorded with the Google Pixel camera

We already knew that the new Internet giant Google Pixel count, among their many weapons to reach the throne of better mobile 2016, with a photographic exception system never before seen on a smartphone. But it is not only a great camera capable of capturing high quality images, if not recording video in 4K of Google Pixel camera is also capable of leaving us with an open mouth.

Filmmaker Matteo Bertoli opted for test recording 4K Google Pixel camera making a series of recordings through Park City and Salt Lake City Centre in order to capture all the details of the city and unite all the outlets to achieve this cinematic clip that we leave a little more below these lines.

According to Bertoli Google Pixel camera thanks to its hardware and software offers recordings with a high dynamic range, allowing you to delve into the details of all scenes, whether those with great lighting as those that remain in the darkest areas.

An impressive 4K video with trick

Course, this recording 4 K has something of “trap”, since to get this quality of image and that stability that is seen in the video published by the Director, e l material recorded with the help of a tripod, a Rhino slider slider and an S1 Shoulderpod, but without the use of additional lenses or any other material between the google Pixel camera and recording.

Of course, the resulting material has been treated with video-editing programs and is not the file recording 4K raw, which we Intuit that are a little more closer to reality. Still, it is impressive to see what can be done with a smartphone in the 2016, as shown in the Google Pixel camera, whose outcome, with a greater or lesser level of editing speaks for itself same.

To get the best possible experience and perceive the details captured by the sensor of the Google smartphone, we recommend to watch the video in 4 K from a compatible device with this resolution, auqnue must remember that the YouTube compression system already has a liger loss of quality.

The article this impressive video 4 K is has recorded with the camera of the Google Pixel is published in MovilZona.

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