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Band Play

This is the sheet LG Band play a range model media arriving to highlight in what refers to the sound and the camera section. The operating system is starting in this model is Android 5.1, with the usual customization LG UX Asian manufacturer integrates into the model put on the market.

In what refers to the two essential components of a terminal operating system Android, must say that offer is solvent, and it is clear that we have a device that can run applications without problems. As the processor shown in the datasheet of the LG Band Play is a Snapdragon 410 of quad-core, working at a frequency of 1.2 GHz and inside has a acceptable 306 Adreno GPU. It RAM, for its part, is of 2 GB, by what is adequate, but without allow large flourishes.

The battery that is the certificate on the device is 2,300 mAh, enough for a model with an acceptable hardware not abusing the consumer. In what refers to connectivity, as you can be seen in the datasheet of the LG Band Play, this model is compatible with LTE networks, doesn’t lack in USB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.1 and WiFi… so that all requirements are covered.

Most of the technical details of the LG Band Play

As we have indicated the multimedia section is one of the most important in this model, this is shown for example by integrating a one-watt speaker inside (in addition, the built-in handset is a LG QuadBeat 3). In regards to the cameras, the main one is 13 megapixel which is capable of recording 1080 p and, as a novelty, in the middle range is the inclusion of the laser focus. Own for selfies, eats shown in the tab is 5 megapixel LG Band Play.

Finally, this mid-range model, comes as option apr who like terminals that are not particularly large (its thickness is below the mm). The case is that the screen is 5 inches, with quality 720 p and that in principle it should provide good image quality. A model striking, as is seen in the tab technical of the LG Band Play, especially in what is refers to what offers in the photography and the sound.

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