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How to upgrade to the latest version of Android Huawei Y5 II

Android is the system operating more used in all the world. Unlike iOS, the operating system from Apple that only runs on its own devices, Android is capable of reaching around the world both in high range, with models such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, as in the medium or low range with models like the new Huawei Y5 II.

He Huawei Y5 II is a smartphone developed by Huawei and since to the sale in April of this same year to renew the range average of the manufacturer and offer to them users acquire a model of interesting benefits to a price very acceptable.

Like all smartphones from this manufacturer, Huawei Y5 II has its own Huawei Android, called EMUI-based operating system. This model, in particular, comes with EMUI 3.1, Android 5.1-based Lollipop. However, although we do not have major EMUI nor of Android upgrades, manufacturer that publishes periodically updates maintenance that solve problems and improve performance, so it is important to have them installed to be able to enjoy to the maximum of our device.

Huawei upgrades can be installed via OTA, as any other manufacturer, and manually. Then we will see both cases.

How to install the latest updates OTA in the Huawei Y5 II

Updates OTA are the updates that come to our phone automatically through our Wi-Fi network so that we can always have it easily updated to the latest version available at that time.

Like in any other phone Huawei EMUI operating system, to upgrade Huawei Y5 II to the latest version of Android with the updates OTA, the only thing we have to do is access the menu of settings > all and there find the Updater. ¬†Once in it, click on the “Find updates” button and wait a few seconds to the system to find them.

Comprobar actualizaciones EMUI

If there is a newer version available, the system will offer the possibility to download and install it automatically and without losing all our data. Otherwise, it indicates that we already have the latest version of Android and EMUI.

How to manually update the Huawei Y5 II

Although the more comfortable are the updates OTA, these usually do not always arrive and, in addition, often arrive late. If not want to wait, the own Updater included in the system EMUI us allows install manually these updates without having that wait that is release the package OTA.

For this, it first that must do is download the last version of this system operating from those servers main of Huawei. A time discharged this update, the unzip and copy the folder “dload” directly to the root main of the card SD or of the memory internal of the device.

A time copied the update, open the menu of settings > all and we move to the end, to the paragraph “Updater”. Here, click on the button “Menu” and choose “update local“.

The Updater of EMUI will detect the firmware that have copied inside the folder LOAD and us will give the possibility of install automatically such version of the system operating. Confirm the changes and hope several minutes that the process is complete. When the phone again to start already have installed this version and we can enjoy of their improvements.

Especially to the apply them updates of this mode, is recommended make a copy of security of them data since run the risk of that the phone is restored during the process.

The article how update the Huawei Y5 II to the last version of Android is published at MovilZona.

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