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There is already a date for the official Android 7.1.1 coming to Samsung Galaxy S7

After five beta versions 7.0 Android on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, today the Korean company gives ended the period of testing with the new version of Google’s operating system. In addition, since Samsung have charge of communicate that Samsung Galaxy S7 Android 7.1.1 official arrival will take place in the coming month.

Yesterday the network was flooded with rumors that spoke of the end of the period of Android 7.0 betas in the Samsung Galaxy S7. However it was not until a few minutes ago when the signature has published the current flagships of the brand program ends today itself, leaving everything prepared to release the official version of the software.

Samsung has launched five versions of the firmware Android 7.0 for the S7 Galaxy and Galaxy S7 Edge beta so far and now members of the program have received a notice where is says that this testing period coming to a close on 30 December at 24:00 in the evening. The company thanked all members having participated in the beta program and ensures that they have taken into account all the views received on the operation of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Android 7.0.

beta android 7 galaxy s7

Android 7.1.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S7 in January

Now we cannot wait more versions beta software from Google, so the fifth update of the same will be the last one that will be able enjoy the members of the program until it is released the official version of Android 7.1.1 for Samsung Galaxy S7, a launch that Samsung has been commissioned to confirm in the same communiqué where da ended the period of betas.

Samsung has previously confirmed that the official launch of Nougat will start from Android 7.1.1. We now know that this version of the operating system will come to all holders of a S7 Galaxy or a Galaxy S7 Edge from the coming month, although it has not revealed the specific day on which users can download and install the latest version of Android.

What we do know is that in addition to the news of Android 7.0 such as shortcuts or multi-window, Android 7.1.1. you will reach the terminals of the signature Korean with a new set of emoji characters or the possibility of sending GIF directly from Google keyboard in certain applications among some new features.

The article there is date for the official Android 7.1.1 coming to Samsung Galaxy S7 was published in MovilZona.

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