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New bug in iOS blocks messages from iPhone application

A new bug has just be discovered in iOS. On this occasion, the problem does not affect the battery of the iPhone with the installed operating system, but the iPhone messages application, which can block entirely if we receive a message with a contact. Fortunately, there is a solution to unlock the application.

If you have good memory, sure you will remember that it is not the first time that a single message can block an application specific or even stop the useless iPhone, with the consequent attack to the heart for the victim. Mid-year was discovered a new SMS consisting of a series of specific Arab characters and symbols that cause this situation, making the terminal is blocked it and restart in when you open the message.

Now, as you can see in the video below, the fault discovered in the implementation of iOS messages en place use infected links or strange text codes, this variant of the bug lets attackers disable enforcement of messages of the iPhone from the victim simply by sending a contact file. When iPhone users touch the file, is so big and complicated that it overloads the CPU and blocks the application.

Users of iPhone and iPad affected by this bug are all those who have installed iOS 8, 9 iOS or iOS 10, including the most recent version of the software, iOS 10.2.1. All them are vulnerable to the attack and it worst of all is that is impossible to fix unless know exactly what make. Restart the iPhone or exit of the application messages does not resolve the problem.

fallo mensajes ios

How to fix the bug of iOS with the messages app

This “hack” for iMessage was discovered by user Vincedes3, who is also in charge of developing a solution to fix all those iPhones which have been attacked and suffer the problem of blocking the messages application on iOS.

If the application has been victim of an attack just open your web browser and access this link to fix the problem in iOS. It is a tool that opens in the browser automatically sends a message to the messages of the iPhone app to completely restore the application and to be able to continue to use it normally.

Of course, before reaching these extremes we recommend delete those conversations that include as an attachment a strange file or an unknown contact, as in the case of the new fault discovered in iOS.

The new bug in iOS article blocks messages from the iPhone application was published in MovilZona.

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