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So does Windows 10 in a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Despite the controversial release of the MacBook Pro has been 2016 (all that is expected of Apple and is not always is able to offer), the last Apple notebook is a truly stellar device. Today collect a test that have led to out in the half Windows Central, where, after install Windows 10 in one of them models with Touch Bar, examine your behavior and the opportunities that offers.

Precisely, one of the architects of the sweet moment of sales living Surface sales is Apple, with its lack of success in the latest MacBook Pro, which left many potential purchasers of the team, dissatisfied and ended up resorting to one of the tablets of Microsoft. Although the Touch Bar is perhaps its most distinctive feature, there is a good list of features on the computer, as the 4 USB type C or the huge trackpad which boasts the keyboard system Butterfly.

Do not try to do this at home unless you are…

It first that us says Daniel Rubino, editor of Windows Central, is that not has any sense pay for a MacBook so only for install Windows 10. True it is that Apple products are special in many ways, but is also the combination hardware-software developed jointly, which creates the “magic”. There are many teams quite more recommendable, as the laptop Dell XPS 13 or, clearly, a Surface Book.

Even so, bridging the issues that we discussed above, are the result of elections taking Apple when designing your product, you can check how Windows 10 works really well on a MacBook Pro. Even is added ones benchmarks where see that the reading in disc SSD is superior to it of a Surface Studio or to the Spectre by 360, while in Geekbench 4.0 is keeps to the level of them best teams of the time with intel Core i7, both in CPU as in the paragraph graphic; Although it is crushed by the devices that has a dedicated Nvidia card .

So the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro with Windows 10

To our surprise, MacBook Pro drivers support some functions in Windows 10. That Yes, they are very basic. The great loss (which gives you all the grace to this technology) are utilities contextual, i.e., changing tactile tools depending on the program or the app that we are using at any given time. That has no place at the change of OS.

In short, we need to know that you can install Windows 10 in a MacBook Pro if we make a partition on the disk, for specific programs or games. Although we have a notebook not of the best in the market, with access to all the Microsoft tools.

The article thus runs 10 Windows on a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar was published in TabletZona.

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