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Performs the best hiking trails in the hand of ViewRanger

When you talk about applications of travel, I commented that these platforms are gathering a number of features that allow users to get a more personalized experience possible when making their getaways. From those looking for restaurants or events according to our tastes, to others who plan routes museums or concerts, the available range has helped to transform the way for thousands of users better manage their leisure.

Today we will tell you about ViewRanger, which also adds another element which we have also seen in a multitude of tools: the sport, and with which intends to seek an even more positive experience for users who downloaded it. You have added already to all those that used their tablets and smartphones to lead a life more healthy or prefer them methods more traditional and away of them screens?


ViewRanger contains a database of hiking and trekking routes for thousands of locations. One of their guarantees is the made of that has, according to its developers, more than one million of maps taken of the Center national of information geographic. However, Spain is not its only scope elsewhere in Europe and in other countries such as Australia or the United States, is also available.

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Customization capability returns to be key in this kind of tools. In the case of ViewRanger, through the flat available, we can create our own routes. At the same time, it hosts a series of itineraries from travel guides and specialized in nature sports portals. He GPS is essential, since thanks to it, is displayed with greater precision some parameters as the distance traveled, the time employee or the address that must take to get to them objectives marked.


This application does not have any initial cost, which has served to achieve more than 5 million downloads. It has been well received in general terms due to the large database of available routes or a simple operation. However, to get some additional content, necessary integrated shopping, which can reach 250 euros per element, which has generated some criticism.

WP-Appbox: ViewRanger: maps and routes (free+, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: ViewRanger – hiking and cycling (free+, App Store) →

Do you think that it is possible to enjoy even more sports such as hiking or biking route thanks to applications like this? You have available more information about other sports apps grouped into lists so you can get to know more options at your disposal.

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