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Results Q3 2016 operators Spain: Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo

We are at the end of the quarter and operators have been presenting their results gradually. Then we are going to give the results Q3 2016 operators in Spain and what have changed every one to have a picture of how the market is.

We are not an “economic” page, so if you are of those who want to keep abreast of financial news in the telecom sector surely you read other publications. However, most likely that it is not as on top of the economic information but doesn’t matter you know how some of the leading companies in our country, such as the operators we are affecting both.

Therefore, instead of crushing you with every economic presentations which are usually something quite boring, we going to bring each quarter a summary in which are going to be able to quickly check how each operator has fared and compare yourselves who is winning the battle in our country. And let’s start with this “Results Q3 2016 operators Spain” that we invite you to save in Favorites since it will be updated with each presentation if it is, as in this case, still some missing us.

Results Q3 2016 Telefónica: earn less but exceeds expectations

Telefónica has submitted its results Q3 2016 on October 27 and them shows that they have exceeded the expectations proposed by the analysts, with an EBITDA and net profit that remain with respect to forecasts.

Telefonica earned a gross profit before depreciations 2.5% higher than anticipated, reaching 11,931 million euros so far of the year. It is 4.6% less in reported terms but a 3.1% in organic terms. Focused on the third quarter of the year 2016, Telefónica obtained a net profit of 983 million euros, 38.5% more than in the same period of last year (710 million euros). Its turnover has been reduced by 5.9% in reported terms and 0.2% in organic terms.


Movistar has 41.4 million total customers in Spain of which 27.9 million are clients of Movistar Fusion. In this sense, Movistar customer base grows by 7% compared to the same quarter of 2015, a total of 2.3 million more (17% year on year) which grows in this Q3 2016.

Jose María Álvarez-Pallete, current President of Telefónica, has unveiled after the presentation of Telefónica results Q3 2016 decision to modify the company dividend policy this year 2016 and 2017 next, from 0.75 euros per share initially planned up to 0.55 euros charged to the current year and reaching up to the 0.40 euros surcharge next year.

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Results Q3 2016 Orange: the operator more growing in Spain

At the same time serving the tenth anniversary in our country, Orange presented some results Q3 2016 showing that it is the operator that fastest growing this 2016. Revenues during the third quarter of the year stood at 1.288 million euros, 7.8% more than in the previous quarter.

Orange already adds 3.706 million euros in turnover in the first nine months of the year and represents a 5.3% growth to 2015. Especially have grown revenues from the mobile division climbing 9.8% compared to the same period of 2015 with 696 million euros.

orange tienda

In terms of customers, the company already nearly 20 million customers, with 19.7 million at September 30, with 15.8 million in the mobile market (12.5 million contract) and 3.9 million fixed broadband market. Both segments have grown and it already has 7.2 million users in 4 G and 1.4 million in optical fiber.

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Results Q3 2016 Yoigo: loses customers but keeps sales and income

They results Q3 2106 Telstra are also the last as part of Telia Sonera are not to throw rockets. Waiting for what you can make the change of owners and with Másmovil, the company that recovered the host in October to compensate for the loss of customers. Marked, moreover, sales of 626 million euros, 3.6 percent more than in the same nine months of 2015 ending in September but with a fall to 3.25 million customers in 2016 (5% less than in 2015). However, these are “higher quality”, i.e., rise of contract but they fall sharply from prepaid. More than 70% of Telstra customers have some contract and less than one million are already prepaid.

logos masmovil yoigo

Pre-tax profit climbed 28.3% over the last year and amounted to 65 million euros, pointing to an increase in revenues by service and the existence of fewer small margins on sales of terminals.

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Results Q3 2016 Vodafone: (coming soon)

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