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New tablet bq Aquaris M8: an adaptation of the M10 to the compact format

Seemed that the market of them tablets already was closed for this course, however, there is a constant drip of new equipment that is prepared to face the campaign Christmas. In this case, the signature Spanish bq has presented its new Aquaris M8, which could be interpreted as a translation of the M10 to 8 inches, since both the appearance and the internal components are very similar to the the last great tablet of the company.

It is not like we specially put the finger in the sore, but… after the recent saga that took place between the manufacturer Mediatek and bq with accusations cross in relation to not update the company terminals, and the divorce announced with fanfare; the fact that the first tablet appearing on the market after such circumstances take a SoC MT8163B, seems nothing short of tragicomic. If bq comply as promised (finally and after it is them who we buy the product and the rest is to throw balls out), this new Aquaris M8 seems as a good purchase.

Bq Aquaris M8: technical characteristics of a mid-range tablet

Bq Aquaris M8 he is not known especially for their performance, but we know that manufacturer devices usually go well with hardware intermediate and never lack personality. The tablet has an 8 inchHD resolution screen, inserted into a body of 21.5 cm x 12.5 cm x 8,35 mm. Your processor is a MT8163B, not the most potent of Mediatek, but yes solvent, with quad-core 1.3 GHz clock frequency. The RAM reaches the 2GB (positive data), 16 GB of storage more SD, and the 4.050 mAhbattery.

bq Aquaris M8 audio y multimedia

In terms of operating system, the bq Aquaris M8 moves with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, a good basis, but the hypothetical update to Nougat is what concerns us, and we doubt that it will be effective. Thus, the buyer must have that contingency in deciding it.

Good price for a little sister of the M10, although…

As we say, the price is one of those data more interesting of the tablet, since is is in so only 170 euros. The big “but” is that the Aquaris M10 has one greater screen (which for many is synonymous with better, at least in a tablet) and costs only 30 euros more. Again, it is a factor that we must take into account where we value this M8 as option. If you want to compact devices there are teams equally interesting with somewhat shorter price.

bq Aquaris M8 diseño

Do you think this tablet bq Aquaris M8? Do you think I do with it?


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