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Pokémon GO radar allows you to find pokemon better than ever

A new update arrives at Pokémon GO… that is still closer news exchanges and battles demands among players. We even have the 100 new Pokémon that will come to the title in the coming weeks, but at least it has improved, and much, the Pokemon GO radar.

Each update of the Nintendo game comes to Android and iOS with the intention of keeping players hooked within the title in order to prevent bleeding from players who Pokémon GO is suffering. The last of these updates, announced it made few hours by Niantic, includes improvements on the radar of Pokemon GO to find the pokemon of our surroundings are easier than ever.

What’s new in Pokémon GO radar

Months ago we learned that the Niantic was working on a facelift of the radar of the game that would help players to find more easily to the creatures that populate the game. After a time of tests in American territory, now this novelty arrives to new areas, while our country between them.

Locate nearby in Pokemon pokemon now will depend on the function “Close” from the radar of the game, expanding beyond United States function. To locate the elusive creatures that is hide in your surroundings just with open the panel of pokemon near and press on that that like give hunt.

nuvo radar pokemon go

On screen you will see that each now has a picture of the Pokeparada nearest to your location, so his capture should be much easier than before. In addition, to find nearby in Pokemon pokemon more quickly, the application will indicate you in which direction forward to find the chosen character.

Thanks to this innovation now landing in Spain, Pokemon GO radar lets you stop spinning like crazy looking for that creature that is missing in your Pokedex and know if to capture a certain pokemon you must traverse half the city to locate where.

The game update is now available both iOS and Google Play for what you leave their respective download links so that you can try first-hand the new way to find the nearby in Pokemon pokemon.

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