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Many users could be is without see HBO on Christmas Eve from the mobile

Many users of the application’s content in streaming are having real problems to be able to reproduce these contents on the platform through its mobile application. From several hours ago many users are seeing how it is impossible to enter the application of HBO Nordic, which is that reproduce these contents for Spain. We have been in contact with the technical service of the company in Spain and they have acknowledged problems with certain mobile and software that could leave us without the service platforms of HBO in Christmas Eve, are going to know all the details. In the same moment of writing this article is impossible to play any content of HBO Spain from the mobile. By what you have seen already there have been many users who have complained about this problem in social networks. Not only that, but we have been able to live it in our meats to be impossible access to playback content from four different devices.

No HBO on Christmas Eve?

That’s what could be many users of the platform if they are problems that are affecting many users of the application. At this time it is impossible to reproduce any content from the mobile, since although the application works perfectly and allows you to navigate between the different content, when you click on start playback can see a message that says “Error: an error has occurred and that the service not be available temporarily“.


We have seen that this bug is happening in four different devices, such as an iPhone 7 Plus, a Nubian Z9, a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and a Super UMI, in all of them right now is impossible to play nothing. We have been in contact with your service and have recognized problems with certain mobile, which have been cited 7 iPhone and its variant Plus, and also with some Chinese mobile. It curious is that now there are users of mobile Xiaomi that Yes are and can see them content without problem.

@Ryan_Dienbi feel reading this 🙁 put you in contact with attention to the customer so that you help to solve it: 900 834 155 (free)

-HBO Spain (@HBO_ES) December 24, 2016

What can we do to see HBO while?

In fact they recommend that while problems are not remedied we see the contents from a computer if you have it, where we have found that it works now perfectly. From HBO wielded a problem of software, of that still not is has received the last version of the application, it 4.0, but have could check that from a Xiaomi with the version 2.0, that allege could be the source of the problem, Yes is can play them contained.

series de HBO

He problem of all this is that to makes some hours HBO has operated perfectly in these mobile, and right now nobody knows for certain, nor in HBO, to what can duty is this problem, under that seems that the error is plays of form quite random, by what who knows if could duty is to it own capacity of them servers.

series de HBO

In any case, it seems that this problem will be extended in time and could well leave if access to these contained many Spanish users in on Christmas Eve. From here want to know your experience, if nor can access to the system and know from what terminal it do, for who knows, can find some reason by which may be producing is this problem.

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