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CyanogenMod is over, now they not develop more ROMs

As a jug of water cold in the head of many of which have enjoyed of them excellent ROMs of CyanogenMod has fallen the ad of the company of that the support and development of new ROMs custom of the company will come to its end during to late of this month, or what is it same, it next week. It is the direct consequence of the problems that has had the company in recent months to meet the increasingly scarce results obtained by the company. We will know in detail the Cyanogen release.

These last few weeks we have been knowing numerous reports about problems of Cyanogen to maintain the profitability of your business, from which spoke of a change of location of their offices, to massive layoffs or a change in strategy with, for example, the name of your operating system.

There won’t be any more CyanogenMod ROM

That is what today announced Cyenogen from his official blog, where he has detailed the reasons why as of December 31 of this year, this coming week, already will not support or develop new ROMs nightly. As detailed in this message, and as we have known through our fellow ADSLZone “as part of the consolidation of Cyanogen (…) the development of nightlies are descontinuar√°n from the 31 of December“.”

Unfortunately this wants to say that already not see new versions of the current ROMs that are rises in them servers of Cyanogen to disposal of all them users, and that as have could check in them last week had appeared massively based in the last version of Android, through CyanogenMod 14.1. What if wanted to make it clear from Cyanogen is all the code source of all his work and ROMs that are now active will be available to all those users who want to continue to develop independently the ROMs.

ROM CyanogenMod 13

As you know before even to see the final of Cyanogen versions available to users there are already many developers that offer unofficial versions of these in different specialized channels of the Android scene. And it seems that this will be the future from now on of these popular platform, the easiest way to access a system very similar to the Android’s stock in many mobile who left to support several years ago, even five years in certain cases. Now Cyanogen will invest all your time in creating a system operating solid to offer to manufacturers in the future.

CyanogenMod article is over, because they will not develop more ROMs was published in MovilZona.

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