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ZTE Hawkeye void by a high-end

One of the brands that has grown in recent years is ZTE. We have seen as four years ago, he gambled on a few terminals with shoddy materials and a pretty poor performance, but today we can consider it a very good company in the market is, and today, we will talk about that ZTE Hawkeye void by a high range.

Last year, we could see how this firm got the ZTE Axon 7, the high-end market company. This mobile had the more powerful processor in the market at the time, the 820 Snapdragon, and in the analysis of this Axon 7 ZTE, we could see the good terminal that it was, but today, we will talk about another type of terminal, quite interesting, the same company that apparently will never exist.

ZTE Hawkeye void by low financing

Long ago, I discussed the characteristics of the new project of ZTE, ZTE Hawkeye. This project was promoted by the users, as ZTE made a contest where them users could choose them next features of its new terminal. Apart from the specifications, they chose some curious features such as an iris scanner and others.

ZTE Hawkeye se cancelaría

The ZTE Hawkeye, this project was a little disappointing last months. Users decided that this terminal is intended for the high range, but was not chosen as well for the people of ZTE, since they needed funding. They started this project on Kickstarter, with a goal of half a million dollars. To this date, the project only has raised less than 100 thousand dollars, so it is not nothing good looking.

ZTE again made a survey among this project I needed to be more groundbreaking, since not enough people had the project would like him, and for this reason, there are people who put money. In the survey they did, the most voted option was removed the processor which had, mid-range, and putting one high-end.

Others of them options more voted was the of increase the battery to put le 3500 mAh of battery, or bet by Android pure with a system improved of the scanner of iris. According to these surveys, the ZTE Hawkeye void for betting by a high-end, what would that the company, or change the specifications of this terminal to make a similar high-end terminal, or simply leave it aside.

The ZTE Hawkeye article void by a range high was published in MovilZona.

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