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ZenPad 3S 10 vs Galaxy Tab S2: comparative

A new version of the last tablet 10 inch Asus has seen the light last week and, of course, imposes the face of it at least with rivals more direct, starting with the Galaxy Tab S2, because we keep hoping that the launch of its successor is not delayed too, but is likely to still spend time until we can get with it. The Samsung tablet take a time in stores, on the other hand, fact that it is quite similar to the ZenPad 3Sprice range. With which of the two you quedaríais you? Do not ye yet so clear? We hope that this comparison with the technical specifications of both will help you decide this.


There are that say that in the paragraph of design us found with enough similarities, starting by them proportions and following by the soft lines and the button home physical, that in both cases houses a reader of footprints digital. We must recognize the Tablet from Asus, nonetheless an attractive extra is the use of premium materials, with a metal housing on the back, although finishes are good in both cases.


In the dimensions section, however, the victory is clear for the Galaxy Tab S2, a very difficult device to beat in this sense: is the ZenPad 3S stays close for what regards size (24.23 x 16,42 cm front 23.73 x 16.9 cm) and must recognize that its thickness is also very low (6.8 mm compared with 5.6 mm) , yet it is evident that the Samsung tablet is more compact, thin and, above all, light (490 grams against 389 grams).

Tablet Asus ZenPad 10 pulgadas


On the other hand, have an absolute tie in the screen section: have already commented that the two tablets have similar proportions, something that is that both have adopted the typical aspect ratio of the iPad (4:3, optimized for reading), but also have the same size (9.7 inch) and the same resolution (2048 x 1536). It must be said, in any case, that the Samsung tablet is still ahead of all others in picture quality thanks to its AMOLED panels.


Now the balance leans slightly on the side of the tablet from Asus, but more than nothing because it has more memory RAM (4 GB to 3 GB), because for what regards processors, must say that, despite coming from different manufacturers, the features are relatively similar (Snapdragon 650, six-core and 1.8 Ghz maximum frequency Exynos of eight cores and 1.9 GHz maximum frequency).

Storage capacity

Returns the equality in the section on storage capacity, with identical figures for the two tablets, which offer both 32 GB of internal memory but also give us the possibility of extending it externally through card micro-SD.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 blanco


Always insist in that agrees be realistic concerning the importance that there are that give you to them cameras in a tablet, but if any of you has clear that goes to use them with certain frequency, can that you interest have in has that it camera front of the tablet of Asus has certain advantage on it of Samsung (5 MP facing 2 MP). In what refers to the main Chamber, however, they are tied with 8 MP each.


Autonomy interesting data, you know it, it’s always that leave us the evidence of actual use, but in the absence of any at the moment that yes I can confirm is that the Asus tablet battery capacity is significantly greater (7800 mAh face 5850 mAh), while the rest of your specs are relatively close.


You have already been progressing that prices for the two tablets were relatively close, although it must be said that in both cases vary enough among some dealers and others, and must be taken into account that it is possible that the new version of the ZenPad 3S 10 rise slightly with respect to its predecessor. In any case, it seems quite easy we can get either one for around 400 euros.

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