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You know Pikes, a photo app designed for Christmas

During these days, one of the major applications that millions of people will give to their tablets and smartphones, it is photography. Through ones devices whose benefits of image have improved quickly in little time, many will make use of them same for get capture it best of what happens in the next days already is or with the family and friends, or in any place of the world taking advantage of these days of rest.

To complete the experience, a time more can find hundreds of apps photographic that van from those that improve the quality of them catches made through them terminals, until others that, as Spades, contain a great amount of filters focused to customize more still them images. Then you have more on this platform that has used the pull generated by the holiday season to try to reach a larger number of users.


Broadly speaking, Picas contains a database of over 80 filters available to add to the photos stored in the galleries of the terminals. However, he tries to go one step further past to allow you to create more complex assemblies in just 10 seconds according to its creators due to the existence of a system of algorithms and artificial intelligence that uses photographs such as saturation or brightness parameters to deliver better results.

picas app


To similarity of others apps of the gender, the management is performed through a system of tabs that in this case, are the different filters and show a view prior of the mounting before apply it. As usual in this type of applications, social network component is important since we can share the results through tools like Facebook or Twitter and adjust the photographs of these requirements.


Spade does not have any initial cost. This, added to the catalogue of effects available and other innovations included in the latest update such as support for HD, has served to get half a million downloads. However, it has also received criticism for its integrated shopping, which reach the 11 euros per item, and in this case, you would charge through subscriptions.

WP-Appbox: Spades – art filters (free+, Google Play) →

Do you think that it is possible to find one more time, more complete applications that prevent Picas to get a more welcome? Have available more information related about other similar as Shoebox so that can say you same.

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