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This is Live Y35 sheet a phone with Android operating system, specifically in its fifth version referred to as Lollipop, which has customization Funtouch OS. He finished of the terminal is metallic, by what offers a design attractive that not exceeds them 7 mm of thickness, by what is positioned as of the best of the market in this paragraph in the moment of launch is to the market.

The processor that is the starting device is a Snapdragon 410 with Cortex-A53 architecture and who works at a maximum of 1.2 GHz frequency. A element of range of input in the best of the cases and that is accompanied of a correct Adreno 306 for games not very demanding. The RAM, by his part and as is sees in the tab technical of the alive Y35 is of 2 GB what is pretty well.

Storage is pretty well determined since it is 8 GB, that it is possible to expand through the use of microSD of up to 128 “gigas” card, which is a good way to solve the lack of space. This is a model Dual SIM hows e appreciates in the tab technical of the live Y35 and, also, in connectivity not go wrong since includes even port of infrared. Certainly nothing of NFC, but if LTE compatibility.

More details of the tab technical of the Vivo Y35

The first and perhaps most important is that this model includes a 5-inchpanel, so it is not excessively large and, thus, steering with one hand is possible. Also, the technology used as is seen in the tab technical of the alive Y35 is IPS, with resolution to 720 p and with protection Gorilla Glass 3. The case is that it does not exceed the density of pixels, a detail to consider 300 DPI and keeps it in the input range.

The battery is of 2,300 mAh, by what is right to get a day of use, but without demanding much more. Cameras that are starting on the phone, as it is clear in the datasheet of the live Y35, are a model of 13 megapixel rear and that allows to record to a quality of 1080 p (2 F:2.). The front for the selfies, low to the 5 Mpx, by what is enough. A model full and that keeps the form of work of the company Asian.

Y35 article was published in MovilZona.

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