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Xiaomi Mi5s, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 or Xiaomi Mix, what I buy?

Before Zetta them put the hand over, today are going to treat of help to all that user that has thought in the range high of Xiaomi to renew your phone mobile. As you already know, today tabled the new Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and the amazing Mix Xiaomi, joining Xiaomi Mi5s to complete the catalogue of high end of the company. What is best suited to your needs?

In just one month Xiaomi has completely renovated its catalogue of ships, so we find ourselves at the moment waited by many fans of the brand to invest their money in one of the company’s new smartphones. Without further ADO, we will try to help you decide what mobile buy, if the Xiaomi Mi5s, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 or Xiaomi Mix.

Xiaomi Mi5s

He terminal star of the company, a terminal not so large as them others devices that appear in this article and that arrives to the market as a version improved of that Xiaomi Mi5 that is present in society coinciding with the MWC of Barcelona.

xiaomi mi5s en modelos blanco, plateado, rosa y dorado

Their weapons are a finished metal where find a screen of 5.2 inches FullHD low which is hides a processor Snapdragon 821 next to 3 or 4 GB of memory RAM and a reader of footprints ultrasonic that has inherited the phablet of the brand presented today same.

It must be remembered that this terminal in particular has a variant called Xiaomi Mi5s Plus which has as main attraction with a 5.7-inch display as the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and a double lens in the back.

With a price of output of 266 euros (increased to the buy is online) is converted in the terminal more economic of them 3 and ends being the option ideal of those that want power and good price within a smartphone of size less bulky.

Xiaomi my Note 2

Same processor, screen and fingerprint sensor found in the Xiaomi Mi Note 2, whose main difference with Xiaomi Mi5S is its curved screen and a rear 22.56 mpx camera and EIS. Also equipped with a battery of greater size, reaching them 4,070 mAh of capacity, enough to keep the smartphone with display of 5.7 inches and resolution FullHD on more than one day full.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 price varies according to the chosen variants. The version international, compatible with all the networks 4 G Spanish part of a cost of 475 euros. Both this model as the Xiaomi Mi5s Plus is converted in the best options of the market for those lovers of them phablets with spectacular relationship for money.

Xiaomi Mix

We ended up with the terminal with which the company has surprised everyone this morning. Presented initially as a prototype, it turns out that before what we think we can do ourselves with this spectacular the size of an iPhone 7 Plus smartphone, but without hardly Bezels and a ratio of greater than 90% screen.

Xiaomi Mix

Designed by Philippe Stark smartphone stands out for showing a 6.4-inch screen that does not have any edge on the top and on the sides, that will surely delight everyone who wants to be the last.

Technical characteristics nor lag, because the Xiaomi phablet mounted a Snapdragon 821, which can be found in 3 devices, as well as 4 or 6 GB of RAM and a 128 or 256 GB storage.

4 GB + 128 GB version will be available for 474 euros, while that of 6 GB + 256 GB will be offered for 542 euros. Certainly, is is of a terminal not only for the lovers of them mobile large, if not that its screen and capacity of storage it converted in the mobile ideal apra the consumption of contained multimedia.

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