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Would protect to the users with what them harm? So Project Zero

Experiments in virtual reality, in the creation of modular formats that have the capability of customization to new heights, or the integration of more news as a new generation of biometric markers, are only some of the initiatives have seen carried out for years in large companies and are now giving more obvious results spread to the public. In this line of progress constant, the security also has a role important. Previously have spoken of them improvements in the privacy that come in them systems operating such as them controls of permits and the scanners of iris.

However, and as is the case with the fields we have mentioned a few lines above, also found research as Project Zero, that keeps on giving more steps while its impact on the media is scarce. Then we’ll tell you more about this study developed by Google and which aims to use the vulnerabilities that threaten to Android and its more than 1,300 millions of users as a first weapon against the actions of hackers and the increasingly sophisticated harmful elements that create frequently. We see a way really effective of protect to the public through their tablets or smartphones or Zero will be something with more shadows that lights?


What is it?

Presented in summer of 2014, Project Zero is made up of a series of works focused to improve the security in Internet. At first glance, it may seem that it would offer something very innovative if we take into account that large software and antivirus companies are currently working on improvements to this field. However, what is striking is that Google uses the best hackers in the world as technicians to create a series of defenses against the most important vulnerabilities. Another curious aspect, is the economical, since the pirates receive considerable sums of money by the Mountain View.

How does it work?

Staff hired by Google keeps track of all existing threats on platforms where the search engine has a presence. Once located, they reported privately to the developers of products that are exposed to the risks or that have some kind of malware. After corrected and eliminated, each virus, Trojan, etc., is added to a database which, in theory, is in the public domain. He trade electronic and them apps existing in them catalogues are them two large spotlights in which is focus them efforts of Zero since have been these elements which have experienced a greater growth in them last years and that therefore, are which present more attractive for them criminals.

malware android

Beneficial for all, but for Google

The possible impact of this project could seem positive for all them actors of the sector to short and medium term, from consumers to manufacturers. But it true is that them of Mountain View are those who leave best unemployed. With this initiative, since Google also known vulnerabilities, which can be traded and forcing victims of these companies to pay high sums of money so that they will be corrected. However, since the search engine ensures that Project Zero is focused around Internet, without making distinctions, and that it’s something totally altruistic. However, this also ends up being beneficial for the firm, since currently it is difficult to tell which fields is not present.

Have future?

As we remember more up, them first steps is gave makes just two years with the input in template of 5 hackers. Some quick results and the location of thousands of bugs, gave rise to later produced an increase of staff that could prolong the time. Among the most important intercepted vulnerabilities, we can find a so-called Heartbleed, that could affect hundreds of millions of tablets and Android smartphones, and another found at the end of 2014 whose main objective was to Windows.

windows 8 interfaz tablet

The participation of the public

Apart from the role of the team that is part of Project Zero, since Google organize an Awards annual which Prize to those users of a foot that have managed to detect potential cyber threats. Among the parameters that are taken into account when granting the trophies, is considered the potential impact of the detected element if it had made the leap to terminals on a massive scale. Thus, three trophies, are granted the mayor with an amount that is around $ 200,000 and less than 50,000.

Think that already is possible see them progress of this initiative in the apps or at the time of navigate to daily by Internet? Do you think that there is still much to do and users are still vulnerable to an increasing number of threats that in many cases, are also more sophisticated? Do you trust more on the typical antivirus? You have available more information as for example, recent viruses of relevance aimed Android so you can say you yourselves while you know all what lurks behind the Green robot platform.

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