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Wizard Swipe: Arcade, medieval kingdoms and United new strategy

In recent weeks I have presented variety of games in the arcade genre seeking to conquer both the younger and the nostalgic with a return to the essence of the game industry, however, it has materialized successfully in the catalogs of apps for tablets and smartphones. Simple subjects and even simpler interfaces under pixelated worlds, have returned to re-emerge with the intention of staying among the public, at least in the short term.

While the number of available works can be done to many believe that we are in a context of saturation, forcing developers to devise new ways to move away from the monotony, the truth is that we find another current that prefers to stay in safe area and offer more titles in fields in which you’re all invented. This is the case of Wizard Swipe, that you have more features.


Once again, we find ourselves in a strange medieval Kingdom that has magical elements that remind us of other titles based on this type of environments. In this case, we introduce us into the skin of a wizard who has the power to throw fireballs. Our goal will be the of dealing with all enemies from dark worlds that will appear throughout the adventure. Obviously, as we move forward on different levels, the difficulty will increase.

wizard swipe escenario


As we said at the beginning, the arcade games are characterized by a few simple controls. In this case, press on the panel with a single finger, you can shoot in all directions. All this in a pixelated atmosphere and which can go acquiring various abilities, spells , and the knowledge of new technologies to achieve end game.


Wizard Swipe does not have any initial cost. Updated about a month ago, still has failed to overcome half a million users, possibly due to factors such as its integrated shopping, which can reach 110 euro per item. However, it has also received positive reviews for its setting, and above all, for its management and innovations in terms of characters and scenarios available in the latest version.

WP-Appbox: Wizard Swipe (free+, Google Play) →

WP-Appbox: Wizard Swipe (free, App Store) →

Do you think that the arcade genre that makes use of medieval and magical worlds is already saturated and that this will be an obstacle for Wizard Swipe? You have available more information on other similar games grouped into lists so that you can say to yourselves.

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