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With Cloobing book track, or gym with mobile in any sports club

Let’s face it, life today is not made to plan many things and, in the majority of occasions, we got together with friends wanting to do sport, but the big problem is where? That will no longer be an excuse because from our mobile phone can book track, or gym in more than 3,200 sporting centres instantly.

Cloobing is about to reach the App Store for iOS and Google Play and will offer a forma new and ultra-comfy book track, or gym in sports clubs of all Spain.

Obviously in MovilZona us focus on their apps but also is can enter in and consult the list of tracks of paddle, golf and gyms for take that party that have pending or train next to a friend. Also can follow the news from the Twitter of Cloobing as well as make you fans of your page in Facebook.

web de cloobing gente jugando al pádel

It is possible to compare and filter by distance, price and, above all, assessment centers from users who have already tried them. Tabs of each Center give information as schedules, prices and contact numbers in case we have any questions and we can also create a list of favourite centres which tend to go to find them still faster at the time of book track or gym.

Currently already can book times in more than 80 golf courses at the time which are finished the last details of the applications and sports centres take advantage of free management software that can add facilities to this platform, they will soon be offered in general the access to hundreds of clubs for the reserve tracks and schedules.

How does the app from Cloobing when it comes to book track, or gym?

We will not hide, behind the idea of Cloobing is Javier Sanz, CEO of the ADSLZone group and entrepreneur Borja Díaz, so we have been able to have access during their more than two years of development, and about 200,000 euros of investment, the growth of the project that has resulted in what is about to come in the form of the Cloobing app. In a couple of weeks can install it you themselves, but you are going to give a ride by the app to have a best idea of all what goes to offer and as is may book tracks or gym from she.

To begin with, the registry will be as simple as putting an email and a password or, better, do so through Facebook to stay with your friends on the popular social network to do sport.

app de cloobing pantallazos

The next step is as easy as choosing the sport we are interested to book a paddle at any Cloobing club track, time in the field of golf or take a look at the gyms where you can not only book entry but also access exclusive offers classes, bonds, etc.  The interface is simple and intuitive. Quickly we can select one or the other discipline to give the center right, both looking for GPS position as per the date and time you go take that party or train or the time that we dedicate to sport.

app de cloobing pantallazos

Them tabs of each club deportivocontienen all the information possible so not you is any doubt of how is the Center and them services that offers, besides them schedules that is can book and, above all, the price and them reviews of others users.

Cloobing wants to become the easiest way to reserve track or gym in sports facilities and in a few days will see how it starts the revolution with the release of their apps, but if you have any questions or suggestions, please leave it in the comments and, as we have very close to its developers, make them come.

With Cloobing item reservation track or gym with mobile in any sports club was published in MovilZona.

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