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Weimei is offering free mobile with the Christmas Gordo

Are only some weeks to arrive one of them days more important of the year, and especially of the Christmas, the of the draw of Christmas. And this year we can opt for something more than the Christmas Gordo, since although it cannot touch us the Grand Prize of the draw, we will have the possibility of us escape free smartphone of Weimei, Yes, as you’re reading it. Then let’s review promotion of Weimei that will give mobile with the Christmas Gordo in this raffle of Christmas of 2016. To early of the last month of November that just of let, Weimei threw a new terminal that came with a great battery of 4000mAh and a price really attractive of less than 170 euros, in its continuous bet of offer the best mobile to the price more affordable.

Get a free Weimei with the Christmas Gordo

The new promotion of Weimei demonstrates that the firm is going to pull the House out the window with the arrival of Christmas. Because according to the promotion that announced today, the mobile will leave you free to all customers who purchase a terminal between 1 and December 21 in case the number playing Weimei in the Christmas draw is graced with the fat of the lottery. Of course it is a spectacular promotion that will give us the possibility of making a mobile free when luck is on side of Weimei.

Gordo de Navidad

In order to participate in the promotion should buy one or several mobile Weimei through points of sale of the company, both online and physical stores between now and December 21. The number playing Weimei in the Christmas lottery is the 61751, so if it is a number that seems attractive to you and also you are thinking of buying or giving a signature terminal, is the best time to bet on luck and the possibility that mobile us out completely free. All those that are made with a Weimei during these days will find in the box the smartphone a sticker with the number that plays in the Christmas lottery company.

Juan Yuan Weimei

Running promotion in case of incurring the Christmas Gordo Weimei will be reimbursed by the company for the amount we paid for the smartphone. According to the CEO of Weimei, Juan Yuan “with this initiative so attached to Christmas traditions that we Spaniards want to share the enthusiasm of these dates with our customers, to share our success and encourage the consumer to purchase and enjoy our innovative smartphones, offering optimal performance at an unbeatable price”.

Weimei article will give mobile with the Christmas Gordo was published in MovilZona.

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