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Vodafone will offer access to Spotify Premium customers

Vodafone Spain just of announce a new and interesting service for the users of several of their rates. From today July 4 operator customers will have access to the platform of music streaming Spotify Premium with very interesting conditions. As know Spotify is the service of music in streaming more popular in the world and has with a catalog of nothing less that 30 million of songs that now will be available in different modalities for the customers of Vodafone in Spain.

Music streaming is one of the areas most popular among mobile phone users, but within these services, as for example Spotify, with a Premium account can, for example download music play it offline from mobile phones. Now this mode of Spotify Premium is available for the users of Vodafone Spain with some conditions specific according to the plan that have contracted with the operator, of this form can enjoy of Spotify Premium in these conditions:

  • Customers subscribed to pricing network L, Red XL, plans One L, One XL or Internetmovil L can enjoy Spotify Premium for 6 months free of charge
  • Those customers subscribed to the plans of prices network M and ONE M will have access to Spotify Premium during 3 months included in your rate
  • Other Vodafone customers can access Spotify Premium by 8,99 EUR per month.
precios vodafone con spotify

* Depending on the speed of the fiber, the combined price will vary

Advantages of enjoying of Spotify Premium on Vodafone

Spotify Premium not only offers us a huge catalog of more than 30 million songs, but it also allows us to enjoy a musical experience with their extensive catalogue without interruptions. Because with Spotify Premium , you will not have advertising, you can listen to the music streaming with the highest possible quality, you can download it to hear it even if you don’t have internet access. Also always choose you the music, and not have that support the mode random of Spotify Free.

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Other advantages that offers Spotify Premium are the “Weekly discovery” which is updated each Monday to offer a playlist full of songs based on our individual tastes. As well as of “Spotify Running” to adapt to the way we run or “Spotify Party” ideal to liven up festivities with music adapted to our State of mind. If to all this you join that the network 4 G of Vodafone is the best of our territory, because the experience is round.

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