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Try the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fund

Have been able to prove the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 , one of the devices more attractive of the market current of those who used the system operating Android. With a design much more stylized that in versions previous e inclusions of it more striking, as for example the protection facing the water and dust, possibly are to the best phablet that is has made never.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 hardware is capable, with an Exynos eight-core processor which ensures great performance accompanied with 4 GB RAM (type LPDDR4). Incidentally, has this device of the possibility of expanding the storage internal through the use of cards microSD, if them 64 GB that has internal is are something short.

Finished in metal and with a thickness reduced, the camera that is of the split in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is from 12 megapixel , by which equals to the Galaxy S7 range. In this way, we are talking about a device that makes some very good photos. Separately, recording 4K is present and available image stabilization… so here is not expected to find any failure (and if results more than adequate with the use of a very complete application).

Imagen frontal del phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Full, comprehensive

Case is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that we have been able to analyze comes to position itself as the best phablet of the market, and faith that gets it and, moreover, with options that have not been in other models with which it competes. A example of what say is the recognition of iris, that already announced that works much better that what one might expect. If you want to know what all of this terminal, you can use the following link:

If want to see the test full of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 press here.

The article try to fund of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is published in MovilZona.

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