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This year we have an important announcement, than if you are followers that until now were known as Andro4All on YouTube as you know it. Jaume and Carlos so join the Group ADSLZone and change their name by range stops to start a new career, including new Web.

Already can enter in, the new web dedicated to the analysis of product more complete that capitanean Jaume Lahoz and Carlos Santa Engracia, them youtubers in Spanish more followed of the world technology. If you do not sound its names, which is difficult if you are attentive to the topicality of this scene, certain that by name so far already you caéis: Andro4All and Reviews4All.

What will you find in range stops?

Then we could get to roll us and tell you all what is inside the web but who better than Jaume and Carlos to tell you why they have taken the decision and what you can find?

How to indicate in the video, TopesDeGama is a website focused on giving the best analysis of technological products of the moment. We talk about moving but also other products such as cameras, laptops, tablets, game consoles and, ultimately, all that fall into the hands of the two protagonists.

For peace of mind of all his followers, as discussed, actually change the name format that has made them famous but not. TopesDeGama, the web, you will find all products with numerous information analysis but in his videos will trying to both Android smartphones as now any other technological product that, until now, was published in Reviews4All – where you can watch all the videos that had already gone up until now, the channel does not disappear-.

New page on Facebook where it will make its new direct (and surprises)

How to indicate in the video, they also have a new page on Facebook we invite you do you fans and where you can retrieve live that made yesterday (that also was seen at Periscope and instagram). However, the fan-page will be the Center where there will be more interesting live.

topesdegama facebook

However, not only that you must become fans, but because it is also where they will make many of the drawings of the products that will be tested (and today a Xiaomi my Mix of 256 GB, don’t you say more).

To celebrate this change, they have prepared a special edition of eyewear that offers the brand AFTER that there are only 500 units and receive personalized with new logos range stops.

We can only welcome them and we hope that you enjoy the new brand of Jaume and Carlos and you to continue enjoying your videos as usual, because remember they are topesdegama!

Article, the new website of the ADSLzone group technology was published in MovilZona.

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