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Top 5 free Android games: WWE Champions, Sky Dancer and more

We have our new top 5 with a few of the best free games that have been released for Android this week, that comes with the usual variety as far as genres is concerned, with perfect titles so many for those looking for some action (as in the case of WWE Champions) as for those who prefer to test their reflexes (such as with Sky Dancers). You discover what are the novelties that stronger are striking right now in Google Play.

WWE Champions

Wrestling fans have a new game to sink his tooth in Google Play, although it should be noted that WWE Champions is not the typical action game, but an RPG with puzzle game, which means that the fights are turn-based and that our hits are linked to our skill and reflexes to connect parts of colors , a sub-genre popular in the field of mobile devices. In which Yes responds to what any fan could want, is that it will enable us to make us with all the big stars of the competition, with dozens of fighters for desbloqueat.

WP-Appbox: WWE Champions (free+, Google Play) →

Sky Dancer

As we promised at the beginning, those looking for a less violent experience are also good choices. In fact, although SKy Dancer is basically a hybrid between runner and platforms that we are jumping between floating islands showing signs of enormous agility, we could say that it is even relaxing, thanks to the setting that their creators have given dream scenarios and a suitable soundtrack. We can test our ability to dance across the sky with up to 10 different characters and will also have the option to compete against other users.

WP-Appbox: Sky Dancer (free+, Google Play) →

Parker’s Driving

Our coordination and reflexes Parker completo Driving, gives another opportunity to test even though it is a very different game type, and not only because here instead of jumping in the sky we will have to put us behind a steering wheel but also by the type of aesthetics and graphics used. With regard to the gameplay mechanics, the title leaves very little to the imagination: Although Parker completo Driving is a cargame, is not a racing game, but our objective will be to achieve Park different cars in the holes that we propose, something which will become increasingly more difficult.

WP-Appbox: Parker’s Driving Challenge (free+, Google Play) →

Heroes Evolved

Although WWE Champions can be considered an RPG, as you have probably explained not fits nothing too so that fans of the genre are used, especially so it refers to the atmosphere. For those of you that, indeed, throw less medieval fantasy, however have a perfect title: Heroes Evolved. It is true, however, that this game isn’t exactly an RPG, but a MOBA, i.e., which is oriented the way multiplayer and more focused on combat, but aesthetics is very careful and the graphics are pretty level.

WP-Appbox: Heroes Evolved (free+, Google Play) →

Ninja Diademy Challenges

We ended up with another game to test our reflexes, again with very little to do otherwise with other titles that you’ve recommended, since this is an arcade of aesthetic retro and game mechanics deceptively simple game: Ninja Diademy Challenges. And if this presentation of you vaguely reminiscent of that was done on your day of Flappy Bird, it is not without reason, since it is exactly that kind of game that seems too basic to get to keep us entertained even 5 minutes which can end up engaging us for hours simply thanks to a mechanic carrying the slogan “easy to learn difficult to master”to its maximum expression.

WP-Appbox: Ninja Diademy Challenges! (Free, Google Play) →

And you know we will continue mindful of today’s Android games throughout the week, so if you’ve been wanting even more titles to discover in the next few days you are.

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