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The “whatsapp” for leaving hidden messages on sites of your city

As if they were hidden notes that only can see that your want, Keadle proposal is much less original in this world of messaging applications. Allows you to leave messages hidden in a place that you will only discover it the receiver when you pass by that site.

The truth is coming when we think everything can be invented in this world of messaging someone with an original idea, although we do not know if it will be as massive as interesting this idea of leave a message hidden by the city.

It is the case of Keadle, an app that can be found in the Apple App Store and which must not be confused with which has a similar name in Google Play – even though they have a similar performance-.

WP-Appbox: Keadle (free, App Store) →

WP-Appbox: Keadle Spot (free, Google Play) →

Hidden messages to your friends all over the city

Keadle operation is not very different from the game of treasure hunt. We chose a point in our city / town, prepare an image or a message and send it to our friends. In this message we can include different tracks through #hastags so they will know, more or less easily, is the point where you can discover the contents of the message that we have sent.

pantallas keadle

The truth is that the only problem is that we have to persuade our friends that use the same application already that Keadle messages are only revealed within the application itself but the message with the tracks we can send it to who still don’t have it so that you download it.

The application already has a time, as much as a year, so if still has not left the Android version, do not see developers very by the work of work on it. In addition, there are to tell that the software is in English, which is a handicap if you not get on well with the language of Shakespeare.

It can be a great complement for Pokémon GO

Thinking about applications for Keadle, the idea of combining this application with Pokemon GO seems natural. We can go leaving different messages to our friends in the different key points of the city such as gymnasiums and pokeparadas for to discover them when they reach that site to hunt a new pokemon or try to control a gym for his faction.

Either way, Keadle seems one of those small hidden applications in shops of iOS and Android that is worth installing and take a while passing it well with her leaving hidden messages to our friends.

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