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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets already updated to Android 6.0 (installation)

He had speculated much regarding the arrival of Android Marshmallow to the models of the range Samsung Galaxy Tab S . So much so, that last week indicated that they do not it would receive, something which seemed really strange but were not exactly good news. As well, this really not is as well, and already there are units that get the new firmware in Europe.

Specifically is in Germany where it has begun with the deployment of Android 6.0.1 Samsung Galaxy Tab S LTE models with 10.5 inch screen, which confirms that the Korean company will give support to users who have one of these devices and, therefore, do not leave them if the long-awaited update.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

As was of wait, the size of the new firmware is quite respectable, 821 MB , so that discharge should be from a WiFi network to not run out of data and, in addition, so that the process is not particularly long. Indeed, that the nomenclature of the model of the range Samsung Galaxy Tab S that gets Android Marshmallow is the following: SM-T805, by what only must make is with the file in question them users that has a model exact to this in their hands.

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Installation of the firmware

As we have pointed out firmware has begun redeploying to Germany, but includes the Spanish language in its interior, so it is possible to use it without problems, proceed to manual installation (and thus saving waiting). Before ordering that the steps to be carried out, it is important to know that the process is the sole responsibility of the user, we need to take a load of more than 90% battery and, of course, carried out a backup data that is stored in the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Fact, you can get the file with the firmware on this link and the Odin software here for begin the process , which is as follows:

  • Reset the Samsung Galaxy Tab S in Download mode (to turn it off, and then press the Home button in combination + power + volume down)
  • When you see a warning that you’re in the above-mentioned mode, connect the Samsung Galaxy Tab S to the computer and waiting for Odin to recognize them (this is the case when the box gets blue)

Actualización del Samsung Galaxy Tab S porOdin

  • Now press the AP button / PDA and look for the firmware that you downloaded to add it verifies that NO Re-Partition option is selected
  • Now click on Start and wait until the process is complete. You must be patient, can take and not remove the tablet from the computer

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Once, it is reset the Samsung Galaxy Tab S and already available you will have Android 6.0.1 to use and the only thing of which you should be sure is from Select the Spanish language in the process of setting. Now, now you can enjoy the new organization’s applications, greater control of the permissions or Doze tool.

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