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The new strategy of the Chinese smartphones manufacturers: Android 7.0

Android 7.0 Nougat has been placed in its own right, as one of the most interesting updates of Google’s platform in recent years. The number of changes and new features is really sexy, something that has resulted in increased interest from users by the same. Them manufacturers Chinese seem to have seen in this sudden interest your next great trick to follow being an of them best alternative facing them first brands.

From the beginning, Chinese smartphones earned his popularity by offering an excellent balance between performance and price. It was fashion that we met as low cost smartphones During the last years we could see how brands very certain have optimized this strategy. Taking advantage of cheaper technology, have designed smartphones increasingly powerful and highest quality materials also affordably priced. However, that fight already straddles too many competitors, so you have to search for another type of differentiation.

Each new version of Android, most desired

And is that since Google announced the availability of Android 7.0 Nougat for its teams Nexus and release the source code for its partners, have not stopped to know news about the availability of the update on other models. Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei… all have positioned themselves since this regard who are aware that their customers want to Google News. However, they are not the only ones. Now other brands less known, mainly them associated to equipment low cost, begin to do it himself.Quinta Beta de Android 7.0 Nougat

A interest growing for the updates

The truth is that this movement represents a change in the strategy of the same, which until now were busy by offering high-performance more affordable smartphones. Now it begins to see an increased interest in caring for the software of their smartphones, something that undeniably will on behalf of the user and the experience of use of the devices. Good example of this what we see in recent advertisements of brands such as Jiayu. It was one of those that lead the concept low-cost smartphones market recently announced that it will launch an update to one of its most representative models, the Jiayu S3. A wink and message between the lines for its customers? It seems that they intend to do to reach their potential customers that will not leave the technical support, a plus in which increasingly are set most users when purchasing a smart phone.

Vernee manufacturer, which already has shown who is in full development and compilation of the ROM 7.0 Android will lead the same position shows Nougat Vernee Apolo Lite. The same circumstances might be in lathe manufacturer UMi, which has also indicated that it is in the process of updating some of the latest models presented.

There are other cases as the One Plus, though in this case already we would enter into another League. And it is that One Plus deviates somewhat from brands such as the abovementioned business model.

Therefore, and in the absence of seeing how many other Chinese brands take the same direction, everything seems to indicate that low-cost manufacturers begin to look with greater interest updates of your devices, a trend that may well prove to be effective since, as we have already indicated, they are increasingly the number of users who care about the software version and the support for it when buying a new smartphone.

The new strategy of the Chinese smartphones manufacturers article: Android 7.0 was released in MovilZona.

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