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Solve all the puzzles to get the treasures in Diggy´s Adventure

One of the reasons why users don’t end up opting for the games puzzles and intelligence, is the fact that sometimes, can be simple and seem monotonous. However, for many developers, the basic ideas are regarded as the most effective to get a place in the preferences of the public in the catalogues of applications. To try to win the favor of those who consider this as boring genre, occasionally tipping occur.

One of these examples could be Diggy´s Adventure, whose one of its features is a great variety of levels as we will see below. Could we find a new generation of titles based on the puzzle that collect elements of other issues such as action or strategy? In the following lines, we will try to check what are the possibilities of this type of games.


Thought, according to its developers, for everyone, the task that we must perform this work is very simple: we get into the skin of a treasure hunter named Diggy. Our mission will be the of go solving dozens of puzzles and puzzles of all type that us will lead to large rewards. Among its strong points, we find the existence of a great variety of settings all over the world.

diggy´s adventure pantalla


To try to make more attractive Diggy´s Adventure, its not only creators have created over 1000 puzzles. Interaction with dozens of characters who appear throughout the 10 screens inspired by locations around the world, will be crucial to get access to all the spoils. Mythology also has its place in this game, since we will find beings of Greek, Chinese and Scandinavian cultures in secret levels.


This title has no initial cost. Its creators claim that this added to his carefree theme, has managed to carry him towards the 5 million downloads. However, has also been criticized as usual, by the integrated shopping, in this case reaching the 100 euros and in some cases, may be required to unlock certain items or to accelerate the course of the games.

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Do you think that eventually, Diggy´s Adventure will get a greater acceptance among the public? If you like this type of games, would prefer the traditional formats with simpler ideas? You have more information about other titles in this genre as a Gleam, that unites the riddles with science fiction, so that you may know more options available.

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