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Save almost 100 euros on buying iPhone 6s in United Kingdom

The seizure that has just shed the progress of England from the European Union at all levels has been felt in its national currency, the pound, that always strong before the euro now experiences a drop in your quote affecting already offers unexpected as the 6s iPhone, which you can save almost 100 euros if you buy it from a store there or the Web.
It is the news of the day, the month and probably of greater significance around 2016, at least in terms of our old continent. And is that the controversial Brexit, the ‘Yes ‘ to independence of United Kingdom of the Union European has brought with it a change at all levels, beginning obviously with the economic. To know the news, the pound quote jewellery, always strong in others, such as the Euro or the US dollar, has begun to fall and is now at a ratio of 1 pound = 1, €23, when 10 minutes ago it was € 1.24.

iphone con ios 9 en la mano

Brexit = fall of the pound
With the currency falling, the chains have been quick to throw offerings to take advantage of the situation and at the same time attempting to cover the possible losses that can lead to this situation a little. As Amazon UK, which is ‘on fire’ and in which many have been all morning going seeing as the differences between 15 and €20 for change libra-euro are now reduced to 10.

And the thing is the same in the field of mobile phones. The brexit is bringing with it things like queues in United Kingdom Apple stores to buy the iPhone 6s. The reason? The new price taking into account the current state of the pound. To give you an idea, if we go into the Apple store Spanish we see this price:

And if we go into Apple UK, we see this one:

Precio UK
Now we just have to go to a currency converter with current change, and will see iPhone 6s that in Spain costs € 749, to change buying English model comes out to €666, almost €100 less. IPhone 6s Plus, €859 in Spain, with the pound change leaves us € 765, reason by which queues are taking place. At Amazon it out still better, since 16GB grey 6s model is to 530 pounds – €655, at the moment the price lower.

iPhone 6s

  • Apple Spain price: €749
  • Price at Apple UK: 539£-€666

iPhone Plus 6s

  • Apple Spain price: €859
  • Apple UK price: £ 619-€ 765

iphone 6s boton home

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