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Sales of more 100 € in HTC 10, Désiré 626 and others in the Black Friday

HTC has released their offers of the Black Friday in a web special of its site official in which rebate some of their terminals more interesting of 2016, as the HTC 10 or the HTC Desire 626.

Although not cease them rumors of that is in the latest, HTC is resists to pull the towel and enters by the door large in this Black Friday with discounts in the HTC 10, HTC Desire 626 and others, especially this last is is to ones prices very interesting.

On the web that makes a few days enabled to be aware of their promotion by Black Friday, where the Asian manufacturer has also offered a draw for a few live HTC and HTC Healthbox kit, as the SmartLife coworkers tested.

htc 10

Do what HTC mobile discount on Black Friday?

In it we can find already active bids offered today on smartphones, besides in some other complement for them as in the UA Band bracelet. However, what we we are concerned they are smartphones, between bids offering HTC in your page official in Spain by the Black Friday include:

  • HTC 10 579 euros – gray, red, silver and gold (formerly 749 euros)
  • HTC Desire 10 Premium Edition for 259 euros – black, white (formerly 359 euros)
  • HTC One A9s Premium Edition for 259 euros – grey (before 339 euros)
  • HTC Desire 626 for 199 euros – blue, gray and white (formerly 249 euros)

You have all the HTC offers this link, if you see any that may be of interest to you.

HTC Desire 10 LIfestyle color negro, blanco, azul y negro

All mobile phones which are on sale on Black Friday

It is being a frenetic day, as on the other hand expected, this Black Friday offers. In MovilZona us have centered in which have that see with telephony mobile but the companions of ADSLZone collected the rest of offers of electronic of consumption a day as today.

In addition, we have different special reports are updated to the minute of finding new offers and we also invite you to follow, as well as all the news Black Friday at this link (to remember will be extended until Monday next, Cyber Monday).

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