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Redmi Note 4 vs Redmi Pro: comparative

Xiaomi last week presented us with a new phablet of its Redmi range and we discussed the giro so great that it seems to be giving the company china in terms of the number of models on sale, to such an extent that it begins to be tricky to distinguish some of them. Precisely by that, are going to dedicate a couple of our comparative to do precisely, starting with those two that has released this summer, the Redmi Note 4 and the Redmi Pro. Let’s see the specs of each and what really changes from one to another.


Although the two finishes offer us premium of a metallic casing and fingerprint reader and, of course, there are important aesthetic similarities, it is true that there are some differences of design also pretty obvious, being perhaps the most obvious location for the scanner, which is located in the back and in the Redmi Pro Redmi Note 4 is in the physical home button , on the front.


Much more similar are in what respect to its dimensions, in all and each an of them: have a size virtually identical (15.1 x 7.6 cm front 15,15 7.62 cm), a thickness also difficult of distinguish (8.4 mm front 8.2 mm) and a weight with only 1 gram of difference (175 grams front 174 grams).

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 trasera


The specifications technical of their respective screens are also very similar, with a size of 5.5 inch and resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080), what means, logically, that also have the same density of pixels (401 PPI). There is a difference between the two, however, is the type of panel used: Redmi Note 4 LCD and AMOLED for the Redmi Pro.


In the section on performance the difference is somewhat broader and the Redmi Pro takes head if we compare the standard versions of each, riding the same processor (the helium 20 X of Mediatek’s ten core 2.1GHz), but having more RAM (2 GB to 3 GB). There are that have in has, however, that in both cases have versions premium: it’s the Redmi Note 4 reaches them 3 GB of memory RAM and it of the other mounted a processor even more powerful (helium X 25) and arrives to them 4 GB.

Capacity of storage

Also in the capacity of storage part with advantage the model standard of the Redmi Pro if us look in them versions Basic, since the two have with slot for card micro-SD, but this us offers the double of memory internal (16 GB front 32 GB). Again, we must remember that the two are available with the Redmi Pro up to 128 GBand 64 GB .

Xiaomi Redmi Pro colores


Although the cameras of both have features very similar (opening f / 2.0, autofocus of phase, flash LED dual) and, indeed, the front is identical (5 MP), for the main is impossible not note a difference evident, that is that the Redmi Pro uses a camera dual (13 MP facing 13 + 5 MP).


The Redmi Pro followed Redmi Note 3 Pro to take a battery with a capacity of 4050 mAh and it has made Redmi Note 4, with 4100 mAh. It is true that the second figure is slightly higher, but the difference is so small and we are already moving at a level so high that it doesn’t seem to have too much. Either of the two should ensure an extraordinary autonomy.


As you would expect from their superior technical specifications, Redmi Pro is more expensive, and the difference is quite wide (especially in this price range the weight of every euro is much higher): Redmi Note 4 has been announced for 120 euros to change, while the Redmi Pro is based on about 200 euros. As always, must be taken into account that the import will undergo some figures and to do that we find ourselves with some differences depending where you buy, that Yes.

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